1 in 4 households has a migraine patient

Neurology specialist Dr. Vugar Jafar said, “You have serious responsibilities at work and at home. You cannot fulfill your responsibilities because of the headaches caused by migraines. The disease takes away your life,” he said.

exp. Dr. Jafar pointed out that about 12 percent of the world’s population, or one in 5 women, one in 16 men, one in 11 children and one in four households, suffer from migraines.

PAIN that lasts for 72 hours

exp. Dr. Jafar underlined that migraine is a common and common disease in the society and said, “Migraine pain is a condition that prevents a person from performing his/her daily activities. Usually headaches are underestimated, the possibility of migraine is not considered Migraine is a throbbing, usually unilateral, severe pain that lasts 4 to 72 hours.

Noting that headaches may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound, Dr. Dr Jafar said: “While it is difficult to work due to the severity of the pain, social relationships and family life are negatively affected over time.”


Expressing that various drugs are usually given for severe pain, Uzm. Dr Jafar said: “But sometimes our patients take painkillers every day. The medicines taken every day can also have some negative effects. Some patient groups do not want to take medicines every day. Because it is difficult to take medicines every day and it’s a stressor, so it’s possible to move to alternative treatments,” he said.


Dr. Dr Jafar said: “Migraine patients should be evaluated with a holistic approach. After detailed examinations and tests, treatments such as migraine vaccine, nerve blocks and migraine botox are recommended to people. However, such treatments should only be performed by neurology and headache specialists. Migraine treatments performed under guidance from a doctor are quite satisfying in the long run.


“Botox is a treatment method that is used in addition to drug-free treatment in migraine,” says Uzm. Dr. Jafar said: “Botox is administered at intervals of 3 months on average. The treatment effect begins in the first week. It is recommended to be treated in the first year. Especially after the third dose, the treatment effect reaches 75 percent. Botox treatment has no serious side effects Migraine botox pregnant women “It is a treatment that can be done at any age, except aesthetically. It is completely different from aesthetic botox. In other words, the dosage, production method and place of production are different. Therefore, migraine botox should absolutely be done by headache specialists and neurology specialists who treat migraines. “

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