1 in 5 children suffer from allergies

Pediatrics and Children’s Diseases Dr. Nejla Çelenk Uysal gave information about allergies in children. Claiming that some people’s bodies overreact to certain substances in the environment that normally don’t cause problems for most people is defined as an allergy. Nejla Çelenk Uysal: “Although the diagnosis of allergy is a general definition, we can encounter many different types of diseases. Allergic asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic eczema and hives are just a few. The increase in allergies is remarkable According to the predictions of the World Health Organization expects the number of asthma patients, currently 330 million in the world, to increase by 100 million by 2025. 14% of children worldwide are diagnosed with asthma, in our country one in 10 children suffers from asthma or bronchitis. One in five children is allergic. Our immune system is responsible for allergies. When this system deviates from normal, an allergic reaction occurs when it overreacts to certain substances that should be considered harmless.”

Nutritional advice

Uysal, who made nutritional recommendations for a strong immune system in children, used the following statements:

“We should keep children away from foods such as waffles with caffeine, chocolate with cocoa, cereal with cocoa, hazelnut spread with cocoa and drinks such as coffee, cola, black tea with theine and iced tea. It should be prepared from whole wheat flour with brown sugar and olive oil. Avoiding sugar in children’s diet should be the main goal. We should meet the sugar requirement of low-milk fruits or desserts, and low-sugar marmalades such as molasses and rose hips for breakfast. Consuming a lot of fish from animal foods, preferring lamb in red meat It is imperative to consume plenty of vegetables, as well as naturally fed chicken and turkey meat.Instead of fruit juice, the fruit itself should be encouraged to consume whole and fibrous. included as an abundant vegetable protein source in children’s diets.

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