10 Best Drumsticks To Catch Rhythm And Harmony

Known to be inspired by another country instrument, the drum is a tool for keeping rhythm. The drum, which accompanies the rhythm of the music and creates harmony, is one of the most difficult instruments to play because it requires concentration.

This musical instrument, which is called drums instead of drums in our country, has been attracting a lot of attention recently, especially from young people.

The drums, which are generally made of birch and maple wood, vary in sound quality depending on the material structure. For this reason, the material used varies for professional and beginner level. The drum, which usually consists of 5 drums and 2 cymbals, can vary by level.

Best Drum List

Order Fashion model Number of pieces Neoldu Score
An Mapex Saturn Evo 4 10/10
2 Yamaha Stage Custom birch 5 10/9.9
3 Dw Drums design 5 10/9.8
4 Gretsch fame 5 10/9.8
5 Ludwig LCEM622XBL 5 10/9.7
6 Tonal Dixon Artisan 5 10/9.8
7 Sonor Aq2 stage 5 10/9.9
8 Extreme XDS565BL 5 10/9.7
9 TAMA SG50H6C 5 10/9.7
10 Xenon XND55BK 5 10/9.5

10 best drumming tips

If you are interested in drums, this content we prepared is for you. From beginners to advanced users, you can easily find the product that’s right for you by looking at the batteries of each model and brand.

1. Mapex Saturn Evo acoustic drum SE628XBPT

Mapex Saturn Evo, produced from a combination of walnut and birch wood, is a highly professional drum introduced in 2012 as a special production. This drum, which can be easily played at both jazz concerts and more lively crowded concerts, has 2 air outlets for tom and floor tom, and 4 air outlets for bass drum.

Technical specifications
stairs: 20”
Tom 1: 10″
Tom 2: 12
Floor Tom: 12″
Snare Drum: No
Material: birch, walnut
Number of pieces: 4

User Comment:

👤 E**** S**** The sound it gives and the acoustics it creates are very good.

👤 A*** D**** Although I am an average user, I chose this product because the sound output and the feeling it creates are very good.

2. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Acoustic Drum Set


Yamaha, one of the best brands in the world, is the choice of professionals. Consisting of a total of 5 pieces with 2 cymbal stands, 1 Hi-Hat pedal, 1 kick pedal and 1 snare drum stand, this drum kit is preferred by beginners and professionals alike. Although cymbals are not included in the set contents, they can be added later.

Technical specifications
stairs: 20×17″
Tom 1: 10×7″
Tom 2: 12×8″
Floor Tom: 14×13″
Snare Drum: 14″

User Comment:

👤 H**** Y*** Yamaha is really my only choice for musical instruments, again it didn’t surprise me.

👤 O**** T*** We chose this product for our music school. There is a truth called Yamaha quality that never changes.

3. Dw Drums Design Series 5-piece acoustic drums


Ideal for both the stage and studio, this drum kit is made from North American hard rock maple. This drum, which has a powerful sound, is suitable for different playing styles. With this product, which is sold in packs of 5, accessories and cymbals are not included in the set.

Technical specifications
stairs: 22
Tom 1: 10/12
Floor Tom: 16
Snare Drum: 14
Material: Maple

User Comment:

👤 İnci V*** It’s a pity that the cymbal sets are not included, but when I go to the product, it has very professional outputs.

👤 S**** A*** It was a product of which I already knew the quality, which I bought by experiencing it in a store.

4. Gretsch Renown 5-piece acoustic drums


This drum set, whose material is maple, consists of 5 parts. Made for professional users, this set helps keep the rhythm easy during a concert. This drum set, which has soft and balanced tones, is the choice of those who are assertive.

Technical specifications
stairs: 16″x20″
Tom 1: 7″x10″
Tom 2: 8″x12″
Floor Tom: 14″x14″
Snare Drum: 5.5″x14″
Material: Maple

User Comment:

👤 Jale K*** Her soft and balanced tones fascinate her.

👤 Z**** H*** The product has a professional output because it is made of maple wood. Ideal for drummers or professionals.

5. Ludwig Evolution Maple LCEM622XBL


Made from North American Maple, the Ludwig Evolution Maple is suitable for both the stage and the studio. Offering a warm, moderate and balanced tone, this drum kit features 45 degree cut edges and triple flanged edges. Sold in 5 pieces, this set does not include cymbals and accessories.

Technical specifications
stairs: 18×22″
Tom 1: 8×10″
Tom 2: 9×12″
Floor Tom: 14×14″
Snare Drum: 6.5×14″
Material: North American Maple

User Comment:

👤 C**** F*** We bought it for school on the recommendation of our drum teacher, I’m sure good things will come of it.

👤 A**** T**** It is an ideal product for those who work in the studio with good sound output.

6. Tonal Dixon Artisan Maple Podar420


This drum, which can be used by people with an intermediate and advanced level, is sold in total 5 pieces with 2 toms, 2 floor toms and kick. The drum, which is made of maple wood, produces soft and balanced sounds.

Technical specifications
stairs: 16×20
Tom 1: 7×10
Tom 2: 8×12
Floor Tom: 14×14
Material: Maple

User Comment:

👤 D**** G**** Suitable for intermediate and advanced level, this drum fully deserves its price.

👤 E**** F*** performs extremely well with the harmony and sound output it creates.

7. Sonor Aq2 Stage Acoustic Drum Set


Crafted from 7-ply maple, this drum kit is suitable for advanced users as well as confident beginners. This instrument, which has warm tones, consists of 5 parts.

Technical specifications
stairs: 22″x17.5″
Tom 1: 10″x7″
Tom 2: 12″x8″
Floor Tom: 16″x15″
Snare Drum: 14″x6″
Material: Maple

User Comment:

👤 Yusuf ***** The production of maple made it both more durable and professional.

👤 A*** C**** This is the first time I buy myself a drum. Even though I’m just starting out and I don’t have much knowledge, I really liked the product.

8. Extreme drum kit blue XDS565BL


Extreme Drums draws attention with its metallic blue color and is made for intermediate and professional users. This product with 8 bollards is sold as a set of 5. The wall thickness of all stands, legs, metal parts and accessories has been increased and the bell stand of this product has been rearranged as a T model.

Technical specifications
Drum: 12”
Drum: 14″
Alt: 16”
big drum: 22”
Snare Drum: 13”

User Comment:

👤 O**** Y*** I recommend it to those who are considering buying a good drum.

👤 S**** U**** I’ve always loved acoustic drums. For this reason I signed up for the course and chose this product to be able to work from home.

9. TAMA SG50H6C BK StageNews Acoustic Drum Set


TAMA, which has held a place among the favorite drummer brands for over 40 years, is the choice of professionals. Sold in packs of 5, this product contains 2 toms, 1 fluor tom, 1 bass drum and snare drum. In addition, the drum made of 100% poplar wood has a powerful sound.

Technical specifications
bass drum: 20″x16″
Tom 1: 10″x7″
Tom 2: 12″x8″
Floor Tom: 14″x13″
Snare Drum: 14″x5.5″

User Comment:

👤 Tamer **** The noise level it produces will satisfy intermediate level users.

👤 M***E**** It is quite high quality for its price, and the sound output is sufficient for me.

10. Xenon XND55BK 5 Piece Drum Drum Set


Ideal for intermediate and advanced users, this drum kit consists of 5 parts. This product, which has a flat model with a cymbal stand, comes with 2 toms, 1 floor tom, 1 snare drum and 1 bass drum. In addition to all this, this product comes with a drummer’s chair as a gift.

Technical specifications
bass drum: 56 cm
Tom 1: 30.5 cm
Tom 2: 33cm
Floor Tom: 40.5cm
Snare Drum: 35.5cm

User Comment:

👤 Y**** U*** I think this product is the best drum money can buy at this price. It is an affordable high quality product for a beginner like me.

👤 K**** E*** A complete value for money product.

What should be considered when buying a battery?

First of all, you need to choose well-known brands that focus on this business. This makes it easier to find a solution to a problem. Secondly, you should choose a product that is suitable for your level, so that you can play more easily. Finally, you should pay attention to the quality of the drum frame and materials.

How long does it take to learn to play the drums?

If continued regularly and consistently, it takes an average of 6 months to learn how to play the drums. This may differ depending on the person’s desire and ability.

What is a battery?

The drum, one of the percussion instruments, is used in music to establish rhythm and harmony.

Is note knowledge required to play the drums?

If you want to play drums at an advanced level, knowing the notes will help you adapt to the rhythm more easily. But for the beginner level, it is possible to keep the rhythm without knowing the notes.

Electronic drums or acoustic?

Electronic drums, which complicate the feeling of playing, are not preferred by most people. Acoustic drums are still among the most preferred drum types in terms of sound, playing feel and appearance.

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