10 Disadvantages of Dream Big Penis for Men

People often think they can be good at sex if they have a big penis. That’s why most men want to have a big penis. However, this is a misconception. In this article we are going to talk about the disadvantages of a large penis.

Here are the negative aspects of a large penis…

1. They don’t look pretty

Those who think how lucky they are to have a large penis are very wrong. For example, imagine you just put on your tracksuit and go for a walk in the park. This is a bit annoying isn’t it? It is impossible for a giant penis to comfortably and aesthetically stand between your legs. You will understand how absurd this situation can be.

2. Oral sex is a nightmare

Disadvantages of large penis

All girls want to have sex with someone with a big cock. That’s true, but no girl would want to have oral sex with someone with a giant penis. Anything that doesn’t fit in the mouth won’t satisfy. Most girls are afraid they will throw up if they do this and don’t want to do it.

3. Restricted sexual position

Disadvantages of large penis

The sex positions you can use are extremely limited. This is because your penis is large. Because most poses cause extreme pain. It harms the person with whom you have sexual intercourse. That’s why you should stick to basic sex positions. This can be boring and frustrating for you.

4. It can cause you to have less sex

Disadvantages of large penis

If you have a small or normal penis, you should not be afraid to have sex. However, if you have a large penis or if it is too big for your partner, he will not want to have sex with you.

5. It is a must to use lubricant

Disadvantages of large penis

If you have a large penis, you cannot have sex without giving your partner an orgasm. Also, you cannot have sex with your large penis without lubricant. Lubricants will be your best friend.

6. Condoms are getting harder to do

Disadvantages of large penis

Wearing a condom won’t be easy if you have a large penis. It will make your penis feel like you’re wearing tight tights, and that’s not nice. In fact, condoms are too tight, slowing down the blood flow inside. This causes a situation like premature ejaculation.

7. Don’t forget about anal sex

Disadvantages of large penis

If you think about having anal sex with your giant penis, you’re being ridiculous. This penis, which barely fits in the vagina, is too big for anal intercourse. For this reason, you shouldn’t even think about anal sex.

8. People around you are jealous of you

Disadvantages of large penis

Most men want to have a big penis. If your friends around you know that you have a big penis, they will envy you. But no one will understand what you go through during sex.

9. Doesn’t fit in pants

Disadvantages of large penis

The pants of people with a large penis are always a problem. You should find non-stick underwear or pants. Most men don’t even think about it. But if you have a big penis, you should think about it.

10. Morning erection

Disadvantages of large penis

We have to get up early because of work or school. But we must forget that there is such a thing as a morning erection. Otherwise, the erection you caught on public transport or at school will take great effort.

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