10 Disadvantages of Health Enemies Carbonated Drinks

We usually consume fizzy drinks to cool down, but we’re doing it wrong. Consumption of carbonated drinks has many negative effects on the body. Those who do not know the harm of these drinks increase their consumption of carbonated drinks every day. We’ve researched and explained the dangers of fizzy drinks in detail so you can leave them behind.

Disadvantages of acidic and carbonated drinks

Carbonated and ready-to-drink drinks are almost consumed instead of water. This stops water consumption. Water is necessary for human health. Since our body needs water to a large extent, we must make sure that we consume water. We should not use our fluid needs in favor of fizzy and acidic or caffeinated drinks.

Here are the cons of fizzy drinks;

1. Raises blood sugar

Carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar. Consuming these drinks daily quickly raises blood sugar levels. Eating this way for a long time increases the risk of diabetes. Sugar, which mixes in the blood in a short time, also invites insulin resistance.

2. Tooth decay

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks contain acids and sour products. Because these products are very effective, they cause softening of the tooth enamel. Softened tooth enamel quickly deteriorates and many mouth problems arise. If carbonated drinks are to be consumed, they should be drunk through a straw.

3. Increases risk of obesity

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

Many carbonated and acidic drinks are very high in calories. Consuming these drinks, especially with meals, causes you to consume more calories. Carbonated drinks consumed during adolescence increase the risk of obesity.

4. Damages bones

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid and phosphate, which increase the risk of osteoporosis. When these components are absorbed in excess into the body, they cause bone erosion and osteoporosis. Because the substances in carbonated drinks cause calcium, the building block of bones, to be thrown out of the body.

5. Causes Cholesterol

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

In a study conducted by Harvard University, the negative effects of carbonated drinks on cholesterol were observed. According to the research, carbonated drinks have been shown to increase bad cholesterol by 32 percent. Consuming too much soda can cause cholesterol disease.

6. Heart attack risk

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks that raise cholesterol also negatively impact cardiovascular health. Carbonated drinks, which increase the risk of a heart attack by 35 percent, can also lead to atherosclerosis. People with heart disease and young people should not consume too many carbonated drinks.

7. Causes dangerous diseases

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

A substance called aspartame is used in carbonated drinks. While this substance causes mood disorders, it also causes birth defects and diseases such as epilepsy.

8. It creates tension

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

Some substances and caffeine in carbonated drinks cause insomnia and an irritable mood. The person may feel constantly tense and unhappy. Mood disturbances may occur. Such cases also cause the heart rate to be affected. Irregular heartbeats occur.

9. Negatively affects child development

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

Children of developing age, in particular, should not consume carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks have a negative impact on children’s development. It can harm children of developing age and cause the emergence of various and dangerous diseases in the future.

10. Addictive

Disadvantages of carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are addictive because of the substances they contain. Someone who drinks a lot of carbonated drinks may want to consume these drinks over and over again. In this case, all the damage we mentioned for the fizzy drink are seen more.

What happens if we drink too many carbonated drinks?

When carbonated drinks are consumed in excess, they cause osteoporosis, developmental disorders, diabetes and cholesterol. It is very inconvenient for children of developing age to consume carbonated drinks. Because these drinks affect development and can cause serious diseases in the future.

Do fizzy drinks make your tummy?

Carbonated drinks are high in sugar and calories. It can cause weight problems if consumed in excess. In addition, carbonated drinks, which also cause regional lubrication, cause an increase in fat in the abdomen and an abdominal appearance.

Is it okay to drink fizzy drinks on an empty stomach?

Consuming carbonated drinks on an empty stomach is one of the greatest evils that can be done to the stomach. These drinks, which contain a lot of acid, can damage the stomach lining. In addition, the harm of carbonated drinks, which also have carcinogenic effects, can be even greater if consumed on an empty stomach.

Is mineral water a carbonated drink?

Mineral water is also classified as carbonated drinks, but the minerals in mineral water distinguish it from other carbonated drinks. Mineral water has many health benefits. Like other carbonated drinks, it contains no additives and is natural.

How many calories in 1 glass of cola?

200 ml, that is, a glass of cola contains 122 calories. 1 can of cola is 330 ml. A can of cola contains 149 calories. When this drink is consumed in excess, it causes weight gain, fatness and obesity.

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