10 Facts About Dreams You Didn’t Know!

The dream is seen in the deepest state of sleep. It is mentioned that dreams are due to subconscious reasons or they can give a signal about the future. Not every dream will come true; dreams often give a signal. We have collected unknown facts about dreams for you.

What is a Dream?

Writing about the reality of dreams is a very interesting topic. First, “what is a dream?” must answer the question. Dreams are visual, auditory and emotional experiences produced by our brain during sleep that are often absent in real life. Although it is not known exactly when and why dreams occur, it is known that people start dreaming during sleep.

Dreams usually occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, during which the brain works quickly to produce dreams. There are many different types of dreams and they are usually related to one’s lifestyle, stress level and emotional state. While the function of dreams is not fully known, some theories suggest that they function as a form of therapy for people to maintain their mental health and deal with the issues they face in their daily lives.

Unknown facts about the dream

Dreams occupy an important place in our lives. Every night when we sleep, we encounter a world created by our brain. These worlds, which sometimes make us feel peaceful and sometimes fearful, coexist with the reality of our lives.

But not much is known about dreams. In this article, we have collected 10 little-known facts about dreams. Let’s go on a journey together into the secrets of dreams.

Here are 10 facts we didn’t know about dreams!

1. People forget most of their dreams

Unknown facts about the dream

When we wake up, we remember the first 5 minutes. Did you know that 90% of our dreams are forgotten until we tell a friend about our dreams? According to him, we should write down our dream the first time we get up, otherwise most of it will disappear from our memory in a short time.

2. People who can’t see also dream

Unknown facts about the dream

People who were not born blind see images in their dreams. People born blind do not see visions in their dreams, they dream about hearing, smelling, touching and feeling.

3. Our brains don’t create new faces

Unknown facts about the dream

In other words, we see the faces of people we’ve seen before in our dreams, we can’t see a face we’ve never seen before. But most of us say we see someone we’ve never seen before in our dreams. However, we must have seen that face somewhere.

4. Some people’s dreams are black and white

Unknown facts about the dream

12% of sighted people see their dreams in black and white. The rest have colorful dreams. While most people had black and white dreams in the surveys conducted between 1915 and 1950, this has declined significantly today. Why, because televisions in those days broadcast in black and white.

5. Dreams have symbolic meanings

Unknown facts about the dream

If your dream is mainly about a subject, it means that the dream has symbolic meaning. This can be revealed through analysis. For example, to see a bird in your dream indicates that you will soon receive news.

6. Dream and reality together

Unknown facts about the dream

While we sleep, our brain picks up sounds from real life and makes them part of our dreams. Sometimes we can interpret the noise coming from outside during sleep. For example, if you fall on a cliff in your dream, you can actually experience the feeling of falling.

7. Men and women have different dreams

Unknown facts about the dream

Men are more likely to dream about their own gender. 70% of the people in men’s dreams are other men. Women, on the other hand, are half male and half female. In addition to all these, men experience more aggressive feelings in their dreams than women, as in real life.

8. Dreams indicate the future

Unknown facts about the dream

Most people have said that they see the future in their dreams at least once. Some people often get news about the future. The Prophet attached importance to dreams and said that they were harbingers of the future.

9. Dreaming animals

Unknown facts about the dream

Studies on various animals have also shown that animals have brain waves during their sleep just like humans. Watch a cat sleep. Various sounds meow and their paws move as if chasing something in a dream.

10. Dreams happen in 3 seconds

Unknown facts about the dream

We think our dream time is so long. However, the time we see in our dreams is not as long as we describe. We see many things at the speed of light with dreams lasting an average of three seconds.

Why are dreams colorful?

It is not known exactly why dreams are colored, but the naturally colored visual images produced by the brain can be cited as a possible reason.

How long do dreams last?

Dreams usually range from a few minutes to an hour. However, some people can have much longer dreams.

What is the meaning of dreams?

The meaning of dreams is still not fully known. But some psychologists suggest that dreams reflect people’s subconscious thoughts and can provide clues about mental health.

Why are dreams forgotten?

Forgetting dreams is related to the process of processing and storing new information in the brain during sleep. The brain doesn’t store the information it needs to remember dreams.

Can dreams be controlled?

Yes, some people can control their dreams. This is called “lucid dreaming” and uses techniques to gain awareness and control the dream while dreaming.

Are dreams the same for everyone?

No, dreams can vary from person to person and can vary depending on factors such as one’s lifestyle, stress level and emotional state.

Do dreams have a purpose?

The purpose of dreams is not fully known, but some researchers suggest that dreams function as a form of therapy for people to maintain their mental health and deal with the problems they face in their daily lives.

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