10 important techniques for taking baby photos

For photographers who want to capture and immortalize the cuteness of babies, capturing baby photos can be quite a challenge. However, with the right techniques, taking baby photos can be an enjoyable and successful experience.

Baby photography requires patience, attention and planning. Finding the right angle, setting the right exposure and capturing the right moment is essential to getting a good baby photo. The right equipment and lighting is also very important.

Tips for taking baby photos

Taking baby photos requires a distinct emotion and is a lot of fun work. The emotions that are there at that moment are too beautiful to describe. How are we going to photograph these beautiful, unique, little bodies? Things to keep in mind when taking baby photos.

1. Take continuous photos

It is not known when babies do what. Because it makes sudden movements, so if you get a good frame, press the shutter button without waiting. Choose ISO 100-400, assuming there’s enough light, and use the wide aperture f/2-f/8 to create depth of field. Set your camera to continuous shooting. Of course, one of 30 photos taken in one shot is a good shot.

2. The light of the photo

If you want to take good baby photos, take daylight hours with plenty of daylight. Natural light just as beautifully reflects the smooth and soft skin of babies. Avoid sunlight, choose window lighting because sunlight creates shadow spots on the photo. A standard 50mm lens is fine for this shot. Set your camera’s aperture priority mode to A (AV) mode, choose a high ISO and wide aperture. If there are dark spots, use an external flash, because the internal flash, that is, the flash of the camera directly on the face, destroys facial expressions.

3. Talk to babies

Talk to the babies during the shoot and make them do fun moves. There is nothing as beautiful as a baby’s smile, so there are many ways to make the baby smile. For example, you can make him laugh at you by making a funny face. You have to be quick to capture this moment. To get a blurred background, set the shutter speed to 1/500s or higher, use a wide aperture (F/1.8-F/4) and press the shutter button.

4. Choose a plain background

Babies don’t need overly extravagant background images. Having a busy background can cause confusion, leaving the baby, who is our center of attention, in the background. Be for simplicity for this. Select the aperture-priority AV mode and the desired aperture. If the light from the glass is not enough, you can increase the ISO. Focus on the baby’s eyes by measuring the spot on his face.

5. Shoot in black and white

Black and white photos are classic and timeless. Black and white colors suit babies very well. Change your camera’s setting to aperture-priority AV mode, choose a wide aperture for a soft and out-of-focus background. Take a spot measurement on the baby’s face. Black or white backgrounds are most striking.

6. Choose the right clothes

Choosing the right clothes is very important when taking baby photos. More beautiful photos are obtained if the babies’ clothes are in harmony with the hair color.

7. Use highlights for shots

In the photo shoot, you can use the toys that babies like or items that catch their attention. By attracting the baby’s attention and focusing on something, you can take more successful and clear pictures.

8. Don’t forget to focus your eyes

You can use the baby’s eyes to get a kinder and warm attitude in baby photos. Keeping the eye in the foreground, especially with babies with colored eyes, creates very beautiful and captivating photos.

Tips for taking baby photos

9. Getting Shape to Shape

Taking pictures from different angles in baby pictures will come in handy for you. By constantly entering different positions to achieve better efficiency in these photos, you can get more powerful, better quality photos.

10. Considerations When Taking Baby Photos

Things to consider when setting up photos. When shooting with babies it is necessary to be quick and shoot without hesitation. That’s why we have to choose a fast shutter speed and high ISOs. In good daylight you can choose a shutter speed of 1/500. By using a wide aperture range, you can take sharp shots without sacrificing shutter speed.

Safety Precautions When Taking Baby Photos

Tips for taking baby photos

Photographing a baby can be an exciting experience, but safety is paramount. Babies’ fragile body structures, budding immune systems, and weak mobility make them more vulnerable. Therefore, there are some safety precautions to keep in mind when taking baby photos. Here’s what you need to know about the safety precautions to keep in mind when taking baby photos:

Baby be safe

Place the baby in a comfortable position and comfort. Do not leave the baby alone and constantly give him your attention. Place the baby on a firm surface and use extra support such as a pillow or pillow.

Accessories used

Make sure the accessories used when photographing the baby are safe. Accessories should not be sharp or hard. Also, make sure there are no small parts that babies can put in their mouths.


Avoid using the flash when taking pictures of babies. Since the baby’s eyes are sensitive, their eyes may be damaged by the flash. Take photos in a room with natural light or adequate lighting.


Take pictures of the baby in a clean and hygienic environment. Clean baby clothes and accessories. Make sure the surfaces used for the photo shoot are clean as well.


The baby’s body temperature is lower than that of adults. Be careful not to catch the baby taking pictures and pay attention to the temperature of the room. Also dress the baby so that he does not sweat.


Your communication with the baby should be done safely. Think ahead and plan each method you will use to comfort and reposition your baby.

Photo editing tips

Tips for taking baby photos

Taking baby photos is one of the best ways to immortalize memories. However, editing the final version of the captured photos can make them look more professional. Photo editing is adjusting the properties of photos such as brightness, contrast and color. The editing process in baby photos also makes the photos more impressive. Here’s what you need to know about editing photos in baby photos:

The right software

Choosing the right photo editing software is very important. Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop are some of the most commonly used photo editing software.

Remove unnecessary objects

Some objects may appear in the background when you take pictures. These objects can be removed while editing the photo. This process makes the baby in the picture look clearer and more prominent.

Brightness and contrast

Proper brightness and contrast settings in the photo make the photo look more vivid and realistic. When changing these settings, it is also important to compare the photo with the original version.

Color settings

Color settings dramatically change the look of photos. For baby photos, natural and warm color tones are preferred. In addition, shadow and tonal settings in photos must be carefully adjusted.


Sharpening the photo makes the photo clearer. However, over-sharpening can have a negative effect on the photo. Therefore, the sharpening process must be carried out carefully.

Crop photo

Photo cropping can be used to highlight the subject of the photo. However, be careful not to deviate too much from the original by cropping the photo.

What should I pay attention to when taking baby photos?

Always put safety first when photographing a baby. Position your baby properly and never leave him alone. Also, feed and change the baby before disturbing him to ensure he is in a natural and comfortable position.

What equipment should I use?

A good camera and a suitable lens are essential for taking baby pictures. It can also be helpful to master exposure settings and use additional light sources or reflectors to ensure proper lighting conditions.

What kind of background should I choose when taking a baby photo?

For baby photos, choose plain and natural backgrounds. It is important to choose a background that will not distract the baby and emphasize it as the main subject. Also, the colors of the background should be in harmony with the baby.

What exposure settings should I use for baby photos?

Baby photography often uses low ISOs, high apertures and slow shutter speeds. These settings are suitable for obtaining natural light. However, it may be necessary to change these settings depending on the shooting conditions.

What angles can I take baby photos from?

Taking baby photos from different angles makes for interesting and creative results. You can try different angles, such as emphasizing the baby’s face with close-ups, taking the baby’s feet and hands out of the frame, or looking at the baby from above.

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