10 information to consider in an online job interview

Of course, in today’s rapidly digitizing world, online job interviews have become much more common. These interviews, which can be conducted from any device with an internet connection, allow employers to save time and costs, while offering the benefit of avoiding travel and accommodation costs for candidates.

Things to consider in an online job interview

In today’s world where we do all of our work online, most companies now recruit through online or video interviews. Sometimes we even have to go to another city or country for job interviews. Instead, it is much more practical and easier for both parties, especially to carry out the first stage of the process online. Here are the things to keep in mind when interviewing online…

Here’s what you need to do for a quality online interview…

1. Make sure your internet connection is of high quality

One of the scariest aspects of online job interviews is the connection to the internet during the interview. The disconnection in the middle of the conversation creates stress and distracts you. Therefore, if the quality of the Internet connection is not high in the area where you are going to apply, you should immediately consider several options.

2. Choose a location where you feel comfortable

Things to consider in an online job interview

Choose a location where you feel comfortable in case you feel nervous during the interview. It will also be to your advantage to choose a quiet and lonely place where the other person can hear your voice.

3. Pay attention to your facial expressions and body language

Things to consider in an online job interview

When conducting an online job interview, it is very important to radiate positive energy to the other party. Using your body language while expressing yourself is key to effective communication. At the same time, your facial expressions and the language you use are an indicator of your self-confidence.

4. Consider which smart device you will use

Things to consider in an online job interview

When conducting online job interviews, it is helpful to have a computer of your choice. The conversations you have with devices such as smartphones and tablets can put you in a difficult situation due to factors such as sound quality, camera angle, and difficulty staying still. If the device you are going to use is a laptop, don’t forget to check the battery status and make sure the equipment like camera and microphone are working.

5. Pre-test background and camera position

Things to consider in an online job interview

Make sure your background is clear and not distracting in the location where you will be interviewing. This way the other person is not distracted and you are central. Test the position of your camera beforehand, it gives a more serious picture if the camera shoots you from shoulder level.

6. Pay attention to your speech rate and tone

Things to consider in an online job interview

Talking one-on-one during an online conversation is a big factor in being understood. At the same time, the tone of voice is important in an online job interview. Given all these factors, it is possible to have a healthy conversation.

7. Pay attention to your attire, as if you were going for a face-to-face interview

Things to consider in an online job interview

Clothing is just as important in online interviews as it is in face-to-face interviews. It would be appropriate to choose a formal outfit in serious and dark shades. Your neat and well-groomed appearance also shows the importance you place on the person in front of you and the care you show for the job.

8. Practice beforehand

Things to consider in an online job interview

Try to anticipate possible dialogues that may arise during the interview and prepare your answers. For online interviews, pay attention to the time, try to give fluent and clear answers during the rehearsal. Look into the camera and make eye contact with the person in front of you as much as possible. You will feel comfortable negotiating with a friend as if you were in an online job interview.

9. Have a copy of your CV with you

Things to consider in an online job interview

In job interviews, there are times when even the simplest questions cannot be answered out of excitement. Therefore, do not leave your job to chance in online interviews and keep a copy of your resume in an easily accessible place. In addition, you can add small notes that come to mind and that you don’t want to forget before your eyes in the environment where you will conduct the online interview.

10. Make sure the call is ended

Things to consider in an online job interview

When the online meeting ends, be careful not to wave, stay serious and try to feel comfortable. Do not make any further comments on the subject until you are sure that the online connection has been completely disconnected. After the final check of the equipment and making sure it is closed, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Which applications can I use for online interviews?

There are many online meeting tools available, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. You can participate in the interview via the vehicle specified by the employer.

What challenges do online job interviews pose as opposed to face-to-face interviews?

Online job interviews can involve some issues, such as technical issues, image and sound quality, digital stickers, and distracting backgrounds.

What kind of clothes should I wear for online job interviews?

While online job interviews are not as formal as face-to-face interviews, it is important to display a professional appearance. The choice of clothing can vary depending on the expectations of the employer and the position.

What topics can I talk about in online job interviews?

In online interviews, you can talk about work experiences, skills, information about the position, opinions about the industry, and goals of the employer.

What can I do if I have technical problems with online interviews?

It is important to test before the interview to avoid technical difficulties. However, if you encounter technical difficulties, notify the employer immediately and ask them to help resolve the issue.

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