10 interesting unknown characteristics of left-handed people

Unknown aspects of left-handed people

August 13 is celebrated as World Left-Handers Day. We have researched the characteristics of left-handers for you. While left-handed people continue their difficult lives, we want right-handed people to get to know them well and to distance themselves from any prejudices they may have.

Here are the unknown characteristics of left-handers, which are normally considered disadvantages;

1. Added value

In the Inca civilization, left-handed people were called Iloq. This means added value.

2. Items are usually made for the right hand

Information about left-handers

Therefore, it is true that left-handed people have some difficulty with this. An example of this is scissors. Scissors are designed for right-handers and left-handed scissors are scarce. It is more expensive than regular scissors, if any. If you use the scissors designed for right-handers with your left hand, you will not be able to apply full force, you will have difficulty seeing the cutting line, you will not be able to control the cutting direction and speed with the same ease, etc.

3. High dexterity

Information about left-handers

Contrary to popular belief, left-handers are extremely successful in jobs that require manual dexterity. While tools such as can openers and scissors are designed for the right-handed majority, left-handers overcome this obstacle with their personal abilities. Perhaps we can say that the same is true for some people who use scissors. It is faster and easier to shoot by moving to the right side when bowling. Therefore, left-handers also have an advantage in this regard.

4. They have their own days

Information about left-handers

World Left-Handers Day, first celebrated 24 years ago under the name “Left-Handers’ Day” to increase solidarity among left-handers in the US, is celebrated on August 13 each year. According to the results of this year’s ‘World Left-Handed Day’ survey, left-handers consider themselves more ‘privileged’ than other people ‘because they are left-handed’. Indeed, left-handed people outperform this 10% in skills and intelligence as a minority of 10% of the general population.

5. They drive good cars

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According to research from the Automobile Developments Association, left-handers performed 57 percent better than right-handers on driver’s license exams. The percentage of left-handers participating in road accidents is far below the percentage in the general population.

6. Disadvantages of left-handed use

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In addition to counting the advantages of left-handers, it is necessary to mention the risks. Problems such as alcoholism and substance abuse are more common in left-handed people. Left-handers are at risk for brain-related diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In left-handers, multiple emotions are felt at the same time because the interaction of the two hemispheres is more intense. Therefore, they may encounter the problem of perceptual dispersion. Jack the Ripper, Osama Bin Laden, and the Boston bomber were also left-handed.

7. Social discrimination against left-handers

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In many countries there is a wrong approach; and that left-handedness is not welcome. While “sinister” means left-handed in Latin, it means “evil and bad luck” in classical Latin. In Chinese culture, left-handed also means inappropriate. In ancient times, in many cultures, left-handedness was associated with evil and was seen as a symbol of the devil. It has always appeared; this poor fear: where is the fear of the difference, and where was it not in the subject…

8. Left-handers are smarter

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Only 10% of the world’s 7 billion people are left-handed. 20% of the members of the MENSA gifted club are left-handed.

9. They process information quickly

Information about left-handers

Left-handed people can often use both lobes of their brain. They have the ability to receive and process information much faster than people who are not left-handed.

10. They heal faster

Information about left-handers

Living in a world designed for non-lefties, lefties are constantly training their brains. If a left-handed person has a stroke, they show a faster recovery response than normal people.

Amazing results for left-handed people

Left-handers develop their skills to use their hands more functionally and in this way become more successful in artistic and sporting activities. However, the performance changed to a negative as a result of the studies and it was revealed that the left-handers were short-lived. The use of the left hand is also seen as a pathological disease. Because some people can be left-handed due to brain damage in the womb. Left-handed people suffer more from diseases and the risk of transmitting diseases is greater than right-handed people.

What causes left-handers to have a short lifespan?

Because technological aids are designed for right-handed users. Therefore, the risk of injury and accidents is higher for left-handers. Left-handed people, whose nerve mechanisms are also sensitive, can become irritable and aggressive more quickly, and neurological disorders such as autism and schizophrenia are more common. In addition, the uneven internal organs cause it to be left-handed. When testosterone, which is the basis of diseases, is secreted in excess or sensitively, the baby’s left hemisphere is damaged and its density concentrates on the right side, making the baby left-handed. Therefore, the percentage of men using the left hand is higher than that of women.

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