10 phrases not to say in business

If you want your business life to run smoothly, you must first pay attention to your communication with your colleagues. We have listed the phrases that should not be said in business for you.

Phrases that should not be said in business

Stop describing yourself with “nonsense” and “unnecessary” words in business. The people around you will understand you with the things you do. If you embellish yourself and try to explain what qualities you don’t have, no matter how well you describe it, it will be an unnecessary and empty speech.

Rather do something than say it. Then even the ordinary sentences you say will be correct. If you are new to the job or have been on the job for a long time but are having trouble communicating, listen to what has been said.

Words not to say while working…

1. I don’t see this job as money

Yes, maybe you can think of it as experience in the first place, but it is unthinkable to ignore the money when you start this job. Business is built on money, don’t expect your employer to believe it. In other words, avoid unnecessary phrases like “I certainly don’t get into this industry for the money”.

2. Sounds like a good idea, worth a try

Phrases that should not be said in business

If this idea isn’t really good, there’s no point in prolonging it. You must present your thoughts in a real and concrete way without wasting time. It will be even more beneficial to put forward realistic and concrete ideas rather than being “well-meaning” in business.

3. I make the decisions

Phrases that should not be said in business

Trying to dominate others the way I make decisions actually shows that you are weak. Stay away from such unpleasant, unnecessary phrases. True power is not felt through words, but through feelings.

4. I thought out loud

Phrases that should not be said in business

Thinking aloud in an environment with people is an indication of uncertainty in yourself or your thoughts. If you are sure of your thoughts, say it directly, not thinking out loud.

5. Looks good

Phrases that should not be said in business

Saying “it seems fine” to gloss over a topic can cause big problems later on. For this, say the things you don’t like in the beginning, don’t struggle with these issues later.

6. I don’t have a plan yet

Phrases that should not be said in business

The word “yet” creates the perception that he has no plan and “God knows when he will have a plan” and is seen as not doing his job properly, showing that he waits haphazardly without being prepared.

7. We don’t have to sell through this channel

Phrases that should not be said in business

This phrase, formed when certain things go wrong, will make him lose his sincerity towards those around him and shake his confidence as he tries to sell in this channel in the future.

8. Show me what I can do

Phrases that should not be said in business

This sentence is not a sincere sentence. Generally phrases like “Let me see what I can do” are used to cover up. After a conversation that ends like this, usually nothing is done or done, but an attempt is made to give the other party the impression that I am going to try.

9. I say with sincerity

Phrases that should not be said in business

It is not said with sincerity, it is only done with sincerity. So instead of letting someone believe that you genuinely want to say something, express it with behavior. That way you come across as more credible. Try not to use this useless word.

10. I may be wrong, but I think

Phrases that should not be said in business

Someone who behaves incorrectly in the business world is seen as someone who has not studied and does not know his job. Do not stress that you are wrong in this.

Which expressions should not be used in business?

Phrases that should not be used in business can be any phrase that employees may use in their communications with other employees or managers. In particular, phrases that may be disrespectful, abusive, biased, discriminatory, intimidating or offensive should not be used in business.

Which phrases should not be used in business?

Phrases that may not be used in business, for example; Phrases like “I can’t do this”, “I don’t have time to do this job”, “It’s not my responsibility”, “Why don’t you do this?”, “It’s hard to work with you”, “I don’t have to follow company policy”. These phrases can cause unnecessary conflicts in communication with colleagues or managers.

What kind of language should be used with colleagues?

Language with colleagues should be respectful, clear and unambiguous. Communication is extremely important for collaboration and teamwork between colleagues. Therefore, it is important to use understanding, empathetic, caring and respectful language in communication.

Is it acceptable to use sexist or discriminatory language in business?

No, this is absolutely unacceptable. The language used in business should not be sexist or discriminatory. In the workplace, people of different gender, race, ethnicity or creed work together and must respect each other.

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