10 qualities of a good lover

Features a lover should have

To make sure you have a good lover, make sure your lover has these characteristics. The subject we discuss is the rules that apply to both parties, regardless of gender.

Here are the qualities a good lover should have;

1. Must have realistic feelings

This feature applies to both parties and is the most important factor for the healthy progression of the relationship. Otherwise, the other party should be fed with serious love without entertainment. In this way, realistic and forward-looking plans can be established between people.

2. Must have independent characters

Features a lover should have

Another important characteristic is that they are independent individuals who know how to stand on their own two feet without support from either side.

3. Must be intelligent

Features a lover should have

This is achieved through the rationality of the healthy parties. In other words, an extraordinary intelligence is certainly not expected, but it must be able and mature to give the necessary answers to events and situations.

4. Be respectful

Features a lover should have

One of the sine qua nons of any relationship is that all activities, conversations and all other social activities must be done with respect. Unfortunately, if there is no respect on either side, you cannot enjoy or be happy with this relationship.

5. It must be attractive

Features a lover should have

As with the others, this applies to both parties. In other words, both parties must act to try to influence each other.

6. Joint decisions must be made in sexual life

Features a lover should have

Perhaps one of the main reasons for the breakups happening today is the inability of the parties to agree on sexual desires and desires. You and your partner should agree on this. Otherwise, chances are you will end your relationship because of disagreements. Because one should not forget that although it seems pointless, sexuality is a factor that significantly influences the course of your relationship.

7. Be accurate when beating events

Features a lover should have

This function is also indispensable. After an argument or argument, both parties should cover up the issue by apologizing to each other. In such cases, pride should never be made. Otherwise, your relationship will be seriously damaged.

8. Be open to development

Features a lover should have

It should not be monotonous and boring. Doing different activities, each different, helps to strengthen the bond between you. New fun, activities should be tried and both parties should help each other to develop.

9. Bad thoughts and words should be avoided

Features a lover should have

During the discussions or sudden emotional outbursts, neither party should use harsh and hurtful words. Because every insult or offensive word to be uttered can have a cooling effect on the parties. For this reason, it should not be pronounced in nervous situations.

10. Must be clean and careful

Features a lover should have

In other words, it should not fall into a situation called paspal and should be maintained daily. It is one of the most important characteristics for the other party to associate you with themselves.

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