10 Twitter Phenomena and Pages You Should Follow

With the development of technology, social media platforms, which occupy a larger place in our lives and become more and more important, are one of the applications that many people visit during the day. The fact that every shared action reaches millions of people has also exposed social media phenomena.

In particular, Twitter phenomena, which make a name for themselves with their humorous and cynical approach to events, are followed by many people. Reports, in which not only funny events but also discussions and information about current events are made, have taken their place in many agendas.

Phenomena to follow

The world of social media has become an integral part of our lives in recent years and is expanding day by day with the stars and phenomena of this world. Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms both in Turkey and around the world.

That’s why following Twitter influencers can be a great way to stay updated and spend time with fun content. If you want to get information about Twitter influencers you should follow, you’re in the right place!

Here are some of the most popular and interesting phenomena in the Twitter world:

1. Cagri Taner (@cagritaner)

He has Turkey’s most popular Twitter and Instagram accounts. You should definitely take a look at the Twitter page where funny, entertaining and special posts are posted daily.

2. Wood Guy (@OdunHerif)

Phenomena to follow

He shares in almost every industry and category. It’s possible to get lost among the art, culture and comedy-heavy posts. It is also one of the most followed pages on Twitter in all of Turkey.

3. Danla (@danlabilic)

Phenomena to follow

You can see more blog style posts. You can be a partner in the energetic life of Danla Biliç, who also produces digital content on YouTube and Instagram.

4. Aykut Elmas (@finish him)

Phenomena to follow

There is hardly anyone who does not know Aykut Elmas in Turkey. A man who can brighten up your day with his nice videos. He has a personality that everyone from seven to seventy loves, we encourage you to follow.

5. FootballArena (@futbolarena)

Phenomena to follow

We can say that it is an extremely good page for those who are interested in football. It is a football page that even shares post-match interviews that are not included on many channels.

6. Book Sentences (@Bookcumlelerii)

Phenomena to follow

“Sentences are nails that drive truth into our minds.” It’s a decent and simple Twitter page that shares quotes from books like He shares a lot of helpful posts, including book recommendations.

7. You must see (@gormen_lazim)

Phenomena to follow

We can say that this page, which shares with us the beauties of the world, is one of the must-follows. Of course, we recommend the page called Seen Lazım, who manages to impress his followers with his posts.

8. Cedric (Cedriclaphs)

Phenomena to follow

It is a page that divides into independent categories such as comedy, drama and entertainment. We say you should definitely follow this page that we included in our list for its daily share volume and interaction.

9. BaBaLa TV (@BabalaTv)

Phenomena to follow

It is a page that is usually recognized through YouTube. We included it in our list because we think it is a reliable page for daily news and content.

10. where are those old tweets (@eskitvitler)

Phenomena to follow

It is one of the most rooted Twitter pages in Turkey. It divides into different categories such as humor, agenda and entertainment. It is one of the pages we recommend following for its interaction and constant posting.

Why should I follow the phenomenon?

Phenomena are people who have gained popularity especially with the increasing use of social media. By following you can keep abreast of the latest developments, especially on topics that interest you. In addition, sharing and suggestions from influencers can inspire you and expand your knowledge and interests.

Which symptoms should I follow?

The phenomena you should follow depend entirely on your personal interests. There are phenomena in many different fields such as fashion, food, sports, technology, art and music. It is recommended that you follow the phenomena that interest you most.

On which social media platforms are the influencers I will follow active?

Phenomena are often active on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms. It is possible to track the phenomenon you want to track by researching which platform has the most interaction.

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