10 valuable baby care tips

Babysitting is a loving learning process. As new parents, you need to focus on many aspects such as your baby’s feeding, sleeping patterns, hygiene, safety and emotional needs. The information you gain and the methods you use during this time will help your baby grow and develop in a healthy way.

In this article, we will cover some baby care tricks. We strive to support your baby’s healthy, safe and happy growth by providing practical solutions and problems that new parents often encounter.

Whether it’s diaper changing techniques, feeding routines or managing sleep schedules, learning the ropes of taking care of your baby will make this process more fun and safe. Here let us explore some key points about caring for your baby and provide practical tips for you.

Baby care tips

It will always be an advantage for the mother to know and learn before the baby is born. That’s why you should start learning baby care tricks while your baby is still in your womb. Let’s explain the situations that have become a crisis for parents and their solutions under the headings;

1. Breastfeeding babies

It is the strongest bond between mother and baby. It is also the most perfect moment for the mother. The same goes for the baby, probably both in terms of nutrition and because he can feel his mother’s scent all the way inside. You can always experience these moments perfectly by following a few tricks of breastfeeding to experience the most beautiful feeling in this world and let your baby experience it too.

While you are breastfeeding your baby;

  • Make sure to breastfeed on both breasts every 10 minutes.
  • There is no such thing as breastfeeding time or interval for newborn babies. You can breastfeed every time your baby cries.
  • It is normal for the baby to suckle 10-12 times a day.
  • Since you are breastfeeding your baby, you don’t need to give him anything else. It doesn’t even need water.
  • While breastfeeding, you should use the cream regularly so that your breast does not hurt. (Mothers may be concerned, but this cream won’t harm baby while breastfeeding.)
  • You have to be very careful if you breastfeed your baby while he sleeps at night. Falling asleep can pose a great danger to your baby. Don’t forget that there are many babies who have died this way.

2. About baby urine and stool

Baby care tips

One of the issues that mothers worry about the most is how long it takes their babies to poop and pee or not.

  • The newborn baby defecates 6-7 times a day during the first months.
  • It is normal for the baby to have loose stools during the first months. This is an indication that you are breastfed.
  • The stool turns green in the first months. It will then turn yellow.
  • A baby needs to urinate 6-8 times a day. This is an indication that it is full.
  • As the months go by, babies poop every 2-3 days.

3. Changing the baby

Baby care tips

Babies become restless when their buttocks are dirty and wet. Mothers should also regularly check and change their babies’ diapers. If your baby’s bottom stays dirty for a long time, it could be diaper rash. Therefore, it is important to change it often. You can clean your baby’s buttocks with moist wipes. However, you should definitely remove the soap from the wet wipe and wash it under water.

4. Umbilical cord care in a newborn baby

Baby care tips

When you are discharged from the hospital, the nurses will inform you about the care of the umbilical cord. You should take care of your baby’s umbilical cord regularly with the umbilical cord care kit that you buy at the pharmacy. The most important thing is to keep the navel and its surroundings dry at all times. (If the umbilical cord didn’t fall off when you buttoned your baby’s diaper, you may also be having trouble buttoning the diaper. You can buy diapers for babies whose umbilical cord won’t fall off.)

5. Baby bath

Baby care tips

You should not bathe your newborn baby until the umbilical cord falls off. Before the umbilical cord falls off, you can wipe your baby’s body with a clean cloth. The umbilical cord of babies falls off between 5 and 15 days. You can use small freestanding baths for baby baths. This gives you a lot of convenience while washing your baby. In addition, you can easily wash your baby using nets that do not have a seat.

However, the most comfortable are baby baths with self-adjusting seats. These tubs can be placed in the shower cubicle or baths in the bathroom. When you open the plug at the bottom of these specially sold burner tubs, the dirty water flows directly into the shower cubicle or tub. So you can be very comfortable.

6. Baby skin care

Baby care tips

You do not need to apply any cream or oil to your baby’s skin. Creams prevent your baby from sweating, which eventually causes acne on his body. However, if your baby’s skin is dry, you can apply baby lotion. You should not fail to use the creams and lotions your doctor will give you. There are also herbal body shampoos made especially for babies. Some of these are self oil shampoos. According to your doctor’s recommendations, you can take precautions against dry skin in this way. However, if your doctor recommends baby oil, it is more beneficial to apply it before wrapping your baby in a towel in the bath. Because this treatment, which you apply while your baby’s body is wet, makes it easier for your baby to absorb the oil.

7. Nail care for babies

Baby care tips

You should definitely trim your baby’s nails with a baby nail clipper to avoid scratching your baby’s face and eyes. You should definitely ask someone for help. You can easily trim your baby’s nails when he sleeps. Besides baby nail clippers, baby scissors are also sold at baby markets. With these products you can take precautions against possible accidents.

8. Hiccups in babies

Baby care tips

Babies often hiccup when they are young. This is due to the stimulation of the diaphragm muscle. Mothers also worry when their babies hiccup. However, nothing is wrong. If the mother breastfeeds her baby right away at that time, she may notice that the baby’s hiccups are gone.

9. Sleeping position of babies

Baby care tips

The sleeping position of babies is also very important. The safest position for babies is lying on their back. However, you should cover your baby up to his chest. There should be no toys in your bed. These are the precautions you need to take so that your baby can sleep safely.

10. Ideal temperature in baby rooms

Baby care tips

The temperature that babies should have in their room is 22 degrees. 22 degrees is the suitable temperature for babies. Of course, this applies to babies who were born on time and have no health problems. Humidity is also important in baby rooms. The humidity in baby rooms should be 50%. If the humidity in the baby’s room is far below this value, you can humidify the room using a steam engine.

Tips for mom to relieve stress while raising a baby

Baby care tips

Take care of yourself

There is an angel in your life who was born and needs you all the way. You have to be strong for it. Since taking care of and raising a baby is a very difficult process, it is quite normal to feel tired and exhausted at times. In the meantime, however, never give up on your nutrition, rest, in short, take care of yourself. Some of the most important tips we can give for this are;

When your baby sleeps, you go to sleep right away.

There is no better opportunity to relax than this. That’s why you need to sleep every time your baby sleeps.

Set rules for visitors

Set specific rules for friends and relatives who come to visit your baby. For example; whatever day you feel vital and good, you can receive guests. Ask those who want to love your baby to wash their hands.

stop planning for a while

In the first months it is not very possible for your baby to get into a routine and get used to it. So just leave everything alone. Feed when your baby cries and sleep when he sleeps.

Try to get out of your depression

The first days can be difficult for some parents. A new member has joined your family and is completely dependent on you and will make you feel responsible. Therefore, getting used to this situation can be a bit challenging and difficult. To get through this, pour out what’s inside you and share your thoughts with someone. This will do you good.

Give up daily chores, housework for a while

You may not be able to devote as much time to housework as you used to. Don’t worry about this, your baby is always the priority, the household has to wait a while.

try to go out

Try to leave your baby with someone you trust and even leave for half an hour. Getting some air will do you good.

Accept those who want to help

While a friend takes care of your baby, you can get on with your work.

Take care of home

While you are busy with your baby, don’t neglect to take care of him if you have other children. Also try to spend time with your partner.

Prejudices that lead the mother to make mistakes in baby care

Baby care tips

Inexperienced parents worry about so many things they know wrong and make their babies nervous. Actually, nothing is going on. Experts have made some determinations based on parents’ fears and concerns.

My baby is hungry, there is no milk yet on the first day

In the first days, the mother’s milk meets the needs of the baby. As you breastfeed, the milk increases. It is out of the question that your baby is hungry, do not stress both yourself and him.

I have to breastfeed

In the first days of your baby’s birth, you should breastfeed every 2 hours against the risk of jaundice. In the following days, your baby will not be satiated, as breastfeeding prevents milk accumulation.

I have to send the cats and dogs into the house

Making changes in your living conditions does not mean that your baby will live sterile. Let your baby follow you.

I must not shake the baby while sleeping

You can shake your baby, who is constantly rocking in the womb, in small rhythms, this will help his balance development.

I need to sleep in a dark and quiet environment

There’s no such thing as your baby can’t sleep in the noise. If he has a full stomach and gas, he can sleep anywhere. Silence is not necessary.

I have to put on my baby gloves, it’s getting cold

An average temperature of 20-22 degrees is ideal for babies. 2500 gr. Since it is difficult for newborns to maintain their body temperature, they should be kept warm.

No gas in newborn baby

Wrong. Since babies swallow air while suckling, they need to be gassed after every sucking.

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