10 world stars who are famous for their bodies

In today’s world, people tend to judge their looks, especially against those who are prominent in the media. People should not only have talent, but also beautiful legs and a beautiful physique. In this content, we have searched for you the world stars who have an effect not only on their acting, voice or beauty, but also on some part of their body!

Here are the stars famous for their bodies…

1) Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian needs no introduction or talent. What makes her famous are her hips and her flawless use of the internet. Kardashian, wearing transparent clothes and sharing them on her Instagram account, thus contributed to her fame.

2) Kate Upton

Women who are famous for their bodies

We all know that sexy model Kate Upton is famous for her big breasts. These completely natural breasts are one of the most common reasons for plastic surgery both in the world and in Turkey.

3) Angelina Jolie

Women who are famous for their bodies

Lips are the most beautiful part of a perfect body. Angelina Jolie therefore has a completely natural and flawless physique. There was even a queue at plastic surgeons for a while because of Angelina Jolie’s lip fashion.

4) Cara Delevigne

Women who are famous for their bodies

Supermodel Cara Delevingne has beautiful eyebrows. The crescent eyebrow analogy must have been made especially for him. The name, which draws all the attention with both its body lines and its eyebrows, does not hesitate to show it on the stages.

5) Kylie Jenner

Women who are famous for their bodies

Kylie Jenner, who had her lips filled due to the problems she had in the past, laid the foundation for her current reputation. Aware that her lips are her greatest asset, the pretty name has already put the “Kylie Lip Kit” on sale!

6) Scarlett Johanson

Women who are famous for their bodies

Scarlett Johansson is an actor with undisputed acting talent. This is a fact that must be accepted. However, we have to say that his physique also helps him in this. We can even say that her beauty precedes acting for many people.

7) Beyoncé

Women who are famous for their bodies

Beyonce’s hips and lines almost accompany her beautiful voice. The hips of a world star with an ideal figure can always distinguish her from other artists. But of course let’s say that the voice of the famous name has the biggest share in being a star.

8) Christina Hendriks

Women who are famous for their bodies

It’s a wonder Cristina Hendricks doesn’t have a bump problem. It is almost impossible for a man to make eye contact with her because of her breasts. We can say that the actress is famous for her big breasts.

9) Miley Cyrus

Women who are famous for their bodies

We’ve talked about hips, boobs, and lips before, but Miley Cyrus’ tongue is where it’s different. The beautiful singer, who sticks her tongue out in most of her photos, also explained the reason for this. The famous singer stated that she posed in such poses because she thought her smile didn’t look good in the photos and hated it.

10) Dolly Parton

Women who are famous for their bodies

Miley Cyrus’ godmother Dolly Parton is another name that turns heads with her breasts. Maybe he taught Miley a lesson about getting attention. The artist, whose breasts are as famous as her voice, insured them for $600,000.

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