11 tips for planning a trip with a caravan

What are the tips for traveling with a caravan?

If you enjoy traveling and fun, a caravan holiday may be the perfect travel option for you. Traveling with the caravan is not easy, especially if it is a long journey. In this content we have researched and compiled for you the things you should think about before going on a long trip with a caravan and the tricks you should be aware of.

1. Choose your suitable caravan

Whether you buy or rent a caravan, you choose a caravan based on the number of days your holiday lasts and the number of people that will make your journey more comfortable. Type B driving license is sufficient if you prefer a caravan that can be used by coupling the truck and trailer boxes, called motor caravans, to the rear of the vehicle.

2. Have your caravan serviced

Tips for a caravan travel plan

Whether you have bought or rented a caravan, you should have your caravan serviced before you travel. This way you can go on holiday carefree by taking precautions against possible accidents and malfunctions.

3. Determine the route you are going and accommodation

Tips for a caravan travel plan

Before you travel, planning your holiday destination, which routes you will take and your accommodation area are among the essential tips for a carefree holiday. Especially if you are traveling with a caravan for the first time, it is easier to find a parking space where you can meet your needs, such as electricity and water.

4. Make an equipment list

Tips for a caravan travel plan

The equipment list to prepare according to the number of people before traveling will allow you to have a more comfortable vacation in any environment and not forget about your needs. Equipment such as a camping table, camping chair, tent, barbecue, awning, blanket, washing line and tool bag are the things you should have with you if you want to go on holiday with a caravan.

5. Don’t forget the kitchen utensils

Tips for a caravan travel plan

One of the nice things about going on holiday with a caravan is that you have the luxury of preparing your own food to your own taste. To do this, it helps first of all to have your kitchen utensils complete so that you can easily prepare the flavors you want. In addition, before you go on vacation, be sure to take food supplies, nuts and drinks with you. Especially for those who plan on long journeys, vacuum-sealed foods and canned foods allow you to easily make new discoveries.

6. Be prepared for weather conditions

Tips for a caravan travel plan

It is very important to have clothes that suit the place where you are going on vacation, both not to be sick and to have a comfortable vacation. Since the places where you travel with the caravan are usually by the sea or in the forest areas, it will be cool in the evenings even in summer, so you should have clothes for all seasons with you.

7. Bring a bike

Tips for a caravan travel plan

If you like exploring, you should definitely bring a bicycle. Because there are not always roads that you can reach by caravan or on foot, exploring nature by bike becomes both easier and more fun.

8. Be clean and tidy

Tips for a caravan travel plan

The cleanliness and order that you will provide in your caravan will allow you to have a vacation in a more hygienic environment. If you do not dispose of the waste regularly, you invite unwanted guests such as flies and insects. In addition, each caravan has waste tanks at the bottom or side for toilet and sink waste. It is important for hygiene that these warehouses are regularly emptied in a suitable place.

9. Keep a medicine cabinet

Tips for a caravan travel plan

Don’t forget to find a medicine cabinet against minor accidents, fly and insect bites and diseases. It will make for a smoother journey if you have the medicines you take for illnesses like headaches, nausea, etc. that can occur on any vacation. In addition, body lotions and sprays against insects and insect bites ensure that you also enjoy sitting outside in the evening.

10. Be careful when using electricity and water

Tips for a caravan travel plan

One of the main tricks of going on holiday with a caravan is the savings you will see in the use of electricity and water. Save the limited amount of electricity and water before you travel and don’t waste them unnecessarily. This way, even if you are at the top of the mountain, you do not have to compromise on both comfort and hygiene.

11. Take care of your safety

Tips for a caravan travel plan

Even though you have the freedom to park where you want with a caravan, don’t park in places you don’t think are safe. Make sure you install your door and window locks horizontally and outside the caravan against possible theft. Take your safety precautions, even if you stay at safer caravan parks.

What should you pay attention to when renting a caravan?

Before you rent a caravan, it is important how many people you are traveling with and what kind of holiday you are planning. If you choose a caravan based on the number of people, you can travel more comfortably. In addition, since the type B driver’s license is sufficient for motorhomes, you must make a rental in accordance with the driver’s license you have.

Where does the toilet go in the trailer?

There is a storage room for toilet and shower waste under the caravans or on the sides. Although the toilet system and therefore the drainage system of each caravan is different, the waste-holding tanks must be emptied at certain intervals.

How is the water requirement in the caravan met?

Each caravan has a specific liter of water tank according to its own needs. Since these water tanks are usually between 30-100 liters, they are sufficient for needs such as bathroom, toilet and food.

Can the caravan be parked anywhere?

Where there is no parking ban for normal vehicles, campers can park, but canopies and tables cannot be opened. If you are looking for a parking space for camping, choose the parking spaces specially designed for caravans.

Is it mandatory to put a number plate on the caravan?

There is no registration requirement for caravans weighing 750 kilos and less. O2 certificate, license plate and license plate are mandatory for caravans of 750 kilos and more. In addition, caravans with a license plate must be inspected regularly, just like cars.

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