12 Countries Preferred by Turkish Students for Education

Nowadays, many Turkish students want to study abroad and choose from the preferred countries for education. The development of technology, the ease of international transportation and the internet allow Turkish students to apply and enroll in universities in almost every country in the world. In addition, countries try to reach students through education fairs and campaigns. These are the countries that Turkish students prefer and are popular:

Countries Preferred by Turkish Students for Education

The idea of ​​studying abroad for Turkish students is getting more and more popular. Many students who want to explore different cultures, improve their foreign languages ​​and gain an international experience prefer different countries for education.

1. America

America is one of the most preferred countries among Turkish students because of the quality of education and employment it offers. Human rights and development level are also among the reasons for preference. However, being a distant country can be shown as a disadvantage.


Preferred countries for study abroad

Malta is preferred for short language training. The fact that the country’s foreign influx has become an industry, so that students who go to Malta both receive language training from professional institutions during the 3-6-12 months they are here, and solve Malta’s employment problem, which is a tourist trap country, in this sector during the high season.

3. Australia

Preferred countries for study abroad

Australia stands out for its advantages such as comfortable living options and language difference. It is a destination preferred by adventurous students.


Preferred countries for study abroad

Canada offers attractive opportunities for students with further training opportunities and high study costs. It is also one of the countries that offers opportunities to cover education costs.

5. England

Preferred countries for study abroad

England is one of the countries that receives the most students from Turkey. The acceptance of native English speakers and the quality of education provide students with many good opportunities and opportunities.

6. Germany

Preferred countries for study abroad

Germany is a country with a dense Turkish population. In recent years, the proliferation of undergraduate and graduate programs in English and free education options have made Germany a preferred country.

7. Ireland

Preferred countries for study abroad

Ireland is a country that stands out for its hospitality and fast visa options. At the same time, the presence of the headquarters of IT companies creates a point of attraction for Turkish students. You can evaluate career opportunities by studying in Ireland.

8. France

Preferred countries for study abroad

France is a country often preferred by Turkish students with its low cost of education and touristic cities. Especially historical and touristic places in cities such as Paris, Lyon, Nice and Marseille attract the attention of students. In addition, there are several companies owned by Turks in the regions where the Turkish community is concentrated in France.

9. New Zealand

Preferred countries for study abroad

New Zealand has become an extraordinary educational center for students in recent years. Studying in a country that stands out for its high quality of life, natural beauties and vibrant cities offers a different experience. It has also become popular among Turkish students.

10. Italy

Preferred countries for study abroad

Italy is a world famous country in art, fashion and design and is very popular with Turkish students. Universities in Italy offer excellence in fields such as art, fashion, design, architecture and offer students unique educational opportunities. Italy’s cultural and historical heritage allows students to develop their artistic and creative potential.

In addition, students studying in Italy have access to opportunities such as internships in the fashion world or participation in design projects. Studying in Italy offers Turkish students a globally recognized degree and an international career path.

11. Azerbaijan

Preferred countries for study abroad

Azerbaijan stands out as a preferred educational destination among Turkish students. The country’s historical and cultural riches, high-quality educational institutions and vibrant social life make Azerbaijan attractive for education.

12. Austria

Preferred countries for study abroad

There are many options available for students to study in Austria. Universities in cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, the country’s capital, offer various bachelor’s and master’s programs. There are educational opportunities in many fields such as medicine, engineering, business, social sciences, arts and music.

Austrian universities are known worldwide for their respected academic staff, modern teaching facilities and student-friendly environments. Universities often offer low tuition fees or free education. Scholarship and financial aid programs are also available for international students.

What are the most popular study destinations for Turkish students?

The most popular study destinations among Turkish students are America, England, Germany, Canada and Australia.

Which Countries Offer English Education Opportunities?

Countries such as England, America, Canada, Australia and Malta are popular destinations that offer English language education.

What are the costs of studying abroad?

The cost of studying abroad varies depending on the country and university. Tuition, living expenses and other expenses should be considered.

In which countries are scholarships offered to Turkish students?

Among the countries offering scholarship opportunities to Turkish students are Turkey, America, England, Canada and Australia. Some universities also have their own scholarship programs.

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