12% of the world suffers from migraines

Expressing that migraine, a disease involving genetic and environmental factors, seriously affects life, Uzm. Dr. Vugar Cafer noted that 12 percent of the world suffers from migraines. Claiming that about 12 percent of the population in Turkey, as in the world, have migraines, Uzm. Dr Vugar Cafer also highlighted that the disease is more common in women than men, saying: “Women are more prone to migraines than men. In Turkey, migraine affects one in five women and one in eighteen men. In addition, the age range of the disease has decreased to childhood. “We see migraine headaches in one in 11 children,” he said.

100,000 people cannot go to work

Noting that migraine is one of the 10 diseases most affecting life in the world, Cafer said: “According to a study conducted in England, 100,000 people are unable to go to work because of migraines. Migraine is a pain that affects life and social life,” he said.

Warning to go to the doctor to avoid chronicity

Cafer, who warns people with severe headaches that they should definitely consult a doctor: “Most migraine patients have suffered from migraine pain for years. In fact, these pains are often chronic. Therefore, patients with migraines should definitely go to the hospital. Because when it becomes chronic, it is much more difficult to prevent this pain. There is a general perception in society: many people with headaches do not go to the doctor and say ‘how will it go’. Before the migraine pain increases and becomes chronic, you should definitely go to the doctor so that the pain does not worsen.

The priority is to stay away from “triggers”

Cafer said that each individual has their own migraine triggers and that before the pain becomes chronic, it is necessary to go to the doctor to determine what the trigger is and take precautions accordingly.

Stating that staying away from triggers increases treatment success, Cafer listed the main triggers observed as follows:

“Migraine triggers vary from person to person. However, there are important known triggers. These include fermented products, artificial foods, consuming too much coffee and chocolate, and exposure to excessive light and noise. In addition, peanuts, hazelnuts or even garlic can trigger migraines.”

80% success in treating migraines

Dr. Dr Cafer said: “Migraine-specific drugs have recently been developed. These drugs have had up to 80 percent success in treating migraines. In treating migraine attacks, much of the pain is prevented by the special drugs we use At the beginning of the pain. In addition, treatment is given with the migraine vaccine. We also apply Migraine Botox during the treatment. This treatment, which is applied by the neurology department at intervals of 3 months, has a success rate of approximately 75 percent.

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