15 places to visit and see in Izmir

Named as the pearl of the Aegean Sea, İzmir is one of the worth seeing cities in Turkey with its warm people, unique nature and admirable historical sites. Being home to many civilizations, it is possible to encounter historical ruins everywhere, and it also attracts the attention of vacationers with its deep blue, clear sea.

This unique city, where you can enjoy a sea, beach, sun and culture holiday, attracts tourists with its unique flavors. If you are thinking of going to Izmir but don’t know which places to visit, you can read this content we prepared for you. Our list of must-see places when you go to Izmir will help you have a great vacation.

List of places to visit in Izmir

Order Place Area Featured
An Bell tower Mansion Architectural
2 Ephesus ancient city Selcuk Date
3 Agora ruins Mansion Date
4 Kemeralti Bazaar Mansion Historic shops
5 Archaeological Museum of Izmir Mansion to work
6 the House of the Virgin Mary Selcuk Historical/Religious
7 St. Vukolos Church Mansion Historic/Architectural
8 Sirince village Selcuk Nature/Story
9 Salepcioglu Mosque Mansion Historic/Architectural
10 Cord Mansion display
11th Kilaragasi inn Mansion Date
12 Historic elevator building Mansion History/Landscape
13 cadifecal Mansion Historic/Architectural
14 Ataturk Museum Mansion Historical artifacts
15 The Temple of Artemis Selcuk Date

15 places you must see in Izmir

These are the places you must see when you go to Izmir…

1. Izmir Clock Tower

The clock tower, which has become the symbol of Izmir, was built in 1901 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Abdülhamit II’s accession to the throne. This clock tower, with a height of 25 meters, is located on Konak Square. This tower, which must be seen by those who go to Izmir, fascinates everyone who sees it with its architecture.

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Address Izmir Clock Tower, KemeraltI Bazaar, 35360 Konak/Izmir

2. Ephesus Ancient City

Places to visit in Izmir

Located about 70 kilometers from Izmir, the ancient city of Ephesus is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. This ancient city, famous for its Roman ruins, fascinates its visitors with its magnificent structures such as the Temple of Artemis, the Great Theater and the Celsus Library.

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Address Ephesus Ancient City, Acarlar, Ephesus Ruins, 35920 Selcuk/Izmir

3. Agora Ruins

Places to visit in Izmir

Located in the center of Izmir, Agora Ruins gains the appreciation of history buffs with its ruins from the period of the Roman Empire. Built in the 2nd century AD, the agora is known as the best preserved marketplace in the world. This ruin, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list in 2020, is one of the must-see places in Izmir.

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Address Namazgah, Tarik Sari Street No: 29, 35240 Konak/İzmir

4. Kemeralti Bazaar

Places to visit in Izmir

Kemeraltı Bazaar, one of the oldest bazaars in the world, ranks first among the must-see places in Izmir. This bazaar, which was built as a result of the filling of the sea in 1670, has more than 15,000 shops. This bazaar, which is a must for the tourists coming to Izmir, also attracts attention with its souvenir products.

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Address Kemeraltı Bazaar, 35360 Konak/İzmir

5. Izmir Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

Places to visit in Izmir

The Archaeological Museum of Izmir, located in Konak, showcases the archaeological wealth of Izmir and its surroundings, which has thousands of years of history. Many historical artifacts such as ancient artifacts, mosaics and sculptures are exhibited in the museum. This archeological museum is a must-see for history and archeology enthusiasts and offers a lot of information about the city.

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Address Konak Mahallesi, Bahri Baba Park, Halil Rifat Pasa Cd. No:4, 35260 Konak/Izmir
O’clock 08:30-17:00

6. House of the Virgin Mary

Places to visit in Izmir

The House of Virgin Mary, located in the Selçuk district, was built by Hz. It is considered the last place where Mary lived. For this reason, this place, where important rituals are held every August, is one of the important places that local and foreign Christians visit to worship. It is believed that the healing waters around Virgin Mary’s House, one of the most touristic places in Izmir, are also good for diseases.

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Address Ataturk District, Meryemana Mevkii, Cluster Houses, 35920 Selcuk/İzmir
O’clock 08:00-18:00

7. St. Vukolos Church

Places to visit in Izmir

St. Vukolos Church, built in 1986, fascinates visitors with its architecture. This church, which attracts attention with the title of being the only Armenian structure that was not damaged by the famous fire in Izmir, is one of the landmarks in Izmir.

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Address Etiler, 1281. Sk. 11A, 35240 Konak/İzmir
O’clock 08:00-17:30 Sat-Sun: closed

8. Sirince Village

Places to visit in Izmir

The village of Şirince, which is about 80 kilometers from İzmir, is known for its historic houses, narrow streets and vineyards. Şirince Village, which was shown in 2012 according to Mayan prophecies as one of the two places where the apocalypse will not break, is one of the world famous places for this reason. Visited by both local and foreign tourists, this village also attracts attention with its wines.

9. Salepçioğlu Mosque

Places to visit in Izmir

One of İzmir’s most important historical mosques, Salepçioğlu Mosque was built in 1905 in accordance with Ottoman and Gothic architecture. This mosque, which arouses admiration with its architectural style, is one of the historical sites in Izmir.

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Address Ugur, Dr. Faik Muhittin Adam cd. No: 48, 35260 Konak/Izmir

10. Izmir Kordon

Places to visit in Izmir

One of the iconic places of Izmir, Kordon is one of the most famous streets in the city. You can walk, cycle or have fun with your friends in this street stretching along Alsancak beach.

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Address Kordon Alsancak Izmir, Alsancak, 35250 Konak/Izmir

11. Kilaragasi Inn

Places to visit in Izmir

The Kızlarağası Inn, built by Hacı Beşir Ağa in 1744, is one of the oldest buildings in Izmir. Designed as a shop on the lower floor and accommodation on the upper floor, this inn is one of the places that tourists who come to Izmir definitely want to see. This historic inn, which sells souvenirs, impresses with its architecture that takes you back to the past.

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Address Historic Kızlarağası Inn Han Management 871 Sokak No:19/106 Hisaronu, 35250 Konak/İzmir
O’clock 09:00-19:00

12. Historic Izmir Elevator Building

Places to visit in Izmir

Built in 1907, the historic elevator is one of the landmarks of Izmir. This elevator, which is 58 meters high, offers its visitors pleasant moments with a panoramic view of Izmir. The historic elevator, a must-see when going to Izmir, offers the opportunity to enjoy the view with its cafeteria on the top floor.

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Address Turgut Reis, Sht. Nihatbey cd. 76/A, 35000 Konak/Izmir
O’clock 06:00-00:00

13. Kadifekale

Places to visit in Izmir

Built in 3000 BC, Kadifekale arouses admiration as it has seen many civilizations. Expanded and changed during the Ottoman period, this castle is one of the must-see places in Izmir with its cisterns, cliché and monastery.

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Address Kadifekale Mountain, Kadifekale, 35270 Konak/İzmir

14. Ataturk Museum

Places to visit in Izmir

The Atatürk Museum, which has the distinction of being the building where the 1923 İzmir Economy Congress was held, attracts attention because it is the place where Atatürk stayed when he came to İzmir. This mansion, which was bought by the municipality of Izmir in 1926 and donated to Atatürk, was converted into a museum after Atatürk’s death.

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Address Alsancak Mh., Gundüğdu Caddesi No:242, 35220 Konak/İzmir
O’clock 08:30-17:00

15. Temple of Artemis

Places to visit in Izmir

The Temple of Artemis, located about 80 kilometers from Izmir, has been accepted as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Only two parts of this temple, located in the ancient city of Ephesus, have survived to this day. Built around 550 BC, this temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Address Temple of Artemis, Ataturk, Park Ici Yolu No:12, 35920 Selcuk/Izmir
O’clock 08:00-19:00

What are the places of interest in Izmir?

Among the places you must visit and see when you go to Izmir; İzmir Clock Tower, Ephesus Ancient City, Agora Ruins, Kemeraltı Bazaar, İzmir Archaeological Museum, House of Virgin Mary, St. Vukolos Church, Şirince Village, Salepçioğlu Mosque, Kordon, Kızlarağası Han, İzmir Historic Elevator Building, Kadifekale, Ataturk Museum and Artemis Temple is located.

Where to swim in Izmir?

Popular beaches where you can swim in Izmir are Altinkum, Cesme Beach, Ilica Beach, Pamucak Beach and Karaburun Beach.

What is Izmir famous for?

Among the famous flavors of Izmir, there are boyoz, crispy, Izmir meatballs, juicy meatballs, Izmir tulum cheese and şambali dessert. You must try these delicacies.

What festivals are held in Izmir?

Izmir International Fair, Izmir International Short Film Festival, Izmir Jazz Festival and Izmir Theater Festival are among the important festivals organized in Izmir.

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