2 year old parent’s nightmare syndrome

Today, 2 years old syndrome is known as an age known to all families, and some changes occur in children’s behavior, and families sometimes have difficulty interacting and behaving with children. Children often exhibit behaviors such as being stubborn and yelling at even the simplest things. As children try to tell their parents, “I’m here, I’m here,” families need expert support to help them overcome 2-year-old syndrome more easily. exp. Dr. İlter Paydur gave parents important information about 2-year-old syndrome.

“Children with 2-year-old syndrome generally do not know rules and boundaries”

Talking about the behavior of children entering the 2-year-old syndrome, Uzm. Dr. İlter Paydur said: “Actually, the 2-year period, which covers the period between 18-36 months, is a turning point. Because the child who has reached the age of 2 now feels free in many areas and wants to make full use of this freedom. At this point, the child’s demand coincides with the parent’s demand and the period called the 2-year-old syndrome arises. Attached to its family from birth, the baby gains self-confidence and begins to create its own rules when it begins to walk. He wants everything, but he really doesn’t want anything. He usually expresses his wishes by crying, wants to do everything himself and does not accept help. He does not get along well with his peers. They display maladaptive behaviors at home and outdoors. It can exhibit behaviors such as hitting and biting. It knows no rules and boundaries and is stubborn. It is a period where the child is self-centered,” he said.

“Do not hesitate to communicate with your child with 2-year-old syndrome”

Saying it’s important to communicate with kids, Dr. İlter Paydur said: “Try to be calm and patient, knowing that the child’s behavior is caused by a developmental period and is true. Be consistent in your actions, because if you don’t allow tomorrow what you allow today, the negative behavior will increase. As parents, be consistent with each other. Don’t have high expectations for your child that he can’t live up to. Remember, don’t compare that to a child anymore. You set the boundaries for him and don’t expect him to behave the way you want him to. Be a role model for him. You cannot solve your child’s stubbornness by being stubborn. It just drags things into more of a stalemate and your relationship suffers. When punishing your child’s behavior, do not give a punishment greater than what he or she has done. Don’t laugh or hit him in response to his hitting or biting behavior. This attitude reinforces his behavior for him. The main thing is to talk to your child, do not hesitate to communicate with him and calmly tell him what you expect from him.

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