20 beautiful Turkish songs that are not widely known

Getting lost in the magical world of music, diving into the depths of emotions and witnessing undiscovered melodies is a journey that makes sense. Emotional words hidden in every note, sometimes sadness, sometimes joy, sometimes love, sometimes longing, touch the deepest recesses of our hearts. Turkish songs are a reflection of our rich cultural heritage of thousands of years and many undiscovered beauties are hidden in this musical treasure.

Here is the list of well-known Turkish songs that touch our souls, erase the rust from our ears, accompany our sorrows and joys, even though their names are not well known; Hidden gems that you can’t get enough of, that will appeal to your soul…

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

Unknown songs have always attracted attention. Maybe it’s because of the pleasure we experience when we discover these songs and share them with someone. Others don’t share, keep it to themselves. Aren’t we just as unfair to the song as we are to those who don’t know the song? I hope you like it.

Group 1 Depression – Virgo Hairy

One of the most famous bands from the time when psychedelic and progressive rock were performed best and most beautifully. Something the younger generation should know and hear.

2. Malt – No

Malt is also one of the established bands of Turkish rock. The song “Olmaz” by Cenk and Erdem Bey, which was played by Cenk Bey, is listened to a little less than the well-known songs of the group.

3. Yasar Kurt – Give me my dreams

It’s a song that those who know it will know again and make a little history. They are the first group to sing the song “Ver Bana Dreams”, which was recently performed by Yaşar Kurt, Murat Kekilli and Seçkin Özdemir.

4. Irony – My little love

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

The song “Küçük Aşkım”, released in 2010, adds a musical diversity beyond the norms, not just with 4 instruments in an ordinary rock band.

5. Magenta – In the bar

Eflatun, who became known for his duet with Burcu Güneş, is actually a group that continued to work for this duet. Especially the group’s song “Barda”, which is loved by the audience with its cheerful and warm songs and emotional songs, literally carries the joy of a “Bar” song.

6. Özgür Çevik – When I’m hurt

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

It’s a beautiful song by Özgür Çevik, who we know from his TV series music.

7. Violet and more – Help

Although there are very few people who don’t know or don’t know about Mor ve Ötesi, the reason why we rated this song in the “not so well known” category is the low number of views of such a well known group, around 400 thousand.

8. Ete Kurttekin – I have a problem

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

Ete Kurttekin, who we know from the song “Benden Adam Olmaz” in the movie “Av Season”, should also listen to the other songs.

9. Yigit Citak – Sometimes

It’s hard to decide whether it’s repulsive or sympathetic. The song and the singer…

10. Subway – Go

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

The Metro group, doing different works with different styles, didn’t make much noise. But it is always necessary to support those who try to make changes and do experimental work.

11. Sugar Loaf – When the train left

If we said that this is Turkey’s most famous underground band, I think we would have made a correct definition for Kesseker.

12. Ozlem Tekin – Planet X

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

There are those who like it and there are those who don’t, but the fact is that Özlem Tekin is one of the most famous singers of Turkish rock. Compared to the widely known songs, the less heard song “Planet X” deserves to attract attention with its interestingness and differences.

13. Can Atilla – Vivaldi in Istanbul

I think we would not be wrong if we say that the “New Age” genre is the best representative in our country.

14. Rebel Movements – Someone Someone

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

I think there are many people who later learned that the group “Rebel Moves” is Turkish. One of the most beautiful songs of this beautiful and special group.

15. Sebnem Ferah – Hello

It is unlikely that her fans would not know, but for the average Şebnem Ferah listener, it is a song that is not very well known.

16. Marsis – Amlakit

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

It is a song from the last album of the group “Marsis”, which continues the Black Sea Rock after Kazım Koyuncu, with a little hardening, and continues successfully in the form of a kind of Laz’n Roll.

17. Cunning – not necessary

The song “Necessary Etme” from the album “Zamansız”, released in 2008 by the group Kurnaz, founded by Gökçe Kuran and Taner Tınaz.

18. Zagaband – Life is for this cruel person

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

The band founded by Zaga, Okan Bayülgen’s experienced orchestra. If you don’t know, go check it out. They are above standard.

19. The Big House is Blocked – The Seeker Finds

“The Seeker Finds” is a work in the form of Fırtınayt, where Büyük Ev Blockade has undergone a slight style change.

20. Pinhani – It’s not his time

Very unknown beautiful Turkish songs

Pinhani is actually a well-known and beloved group, but the song “It’s Not Its Time” from the 2008 released album “Zaman Waitz” did not achieve as much success as Pinhani’s popularity. It’s actually quite a good song.

Where can I find little known Turkish songs?

You can refer to different music platforms to listen to these songs. You can find and listen to songs by searching platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube.

Can you tell us what genre are the lesser known Turkish songs in general?

These songs can be of different genres. You can find beautiful Turkish songs in different styles such as Turkish classical music, Turkish folk music, pop, rock, jazz. Many songs are available to cater to the tastes of all kinds of music lovers.

What period do little-known Turkish songs usually belong to?

Songs from different periods can be found in the list “Very Unknown Beautiful Turkish Songs”. Old Turkish songs can be good songs from 90s, 2000s or more recent. This list offers a great opportunity to discover songs from different eras.

Which artists perform these songs?

The artists performing these songs can vary. In addition to the big names of Turkish music, lesser-known but talented artists can also be included in this list. Listening to the music of some musicians you’ve never heard of can help you discover new favorite artists.

Where can I find more information about lesser-known Turkish songs?

You can search the internet for more information about the songs. You can visit music sites or forums where you can find artist biographies, lyrics, stories, and song backgrounds. You can also see other people’s experiences by viewing user reviews of songs.

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