20 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About BTS!

What you didn’t know about BTS

BTS, the most talked about and curious group of the recent period, has millions of fans. The members of the BTS group that appeal to millions are V, Jungkook, Jimin, Rap Mon, Kim Seok-Jin, Suga and J-Hope. In this content, we have researched and collected interesting unknown information about BTS, which has a fan base called Army.

Here information about BTS…

1. V has an alien nickname

BTS members nicknamed V “Alien V”. Because V unexpectedly makes very strange and meaningless movements. Also, Jin is very afraid that V will make different sounds while sleeping.

2. BTS is forbidden to take pictures with fans

Unknown facts about BTS

K-pop group BTS, who are well-loved all over the world, are not allowed to take pictures with their fans in public for safety reasons. Although this situation upsets its fans, the company is taking high-level security measures for BTS group.

3. BTS receives Social Artist Award

Unknown facts about BTS

BTS won the Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards. BTS made history by being the first pop group to participate in the ceremony.

4. V has been playing the saxophone for 3 years

Unknown facts about BTS

V, the beloved member of BTS, played the saxophone for 3 years. He once won an award for playing The Eagles’ Desperado on the saxophone.

5. Jin has acting training

Unknown facts about BTS

He is the only person in Jin’s BTS group with an acting degree. For this reason, it attracts more attention in clips.

6. Notepad is the group’s favorite movie

Unknown facts about BTS

Favorite movies of the BTS group are Notepad, Love Is Everywhere, Iron Man, The Matrix, Last Chance, Clear Over and Beginning.

7. Suga doesn’t speak English

Unknown facts about BTS

Suga, the beloved member of BTS, thinks he can live comfortably in America, even though he doesn’t speak much English. Although she wants to live in America, she is not learning English.

8. Yoongi’s family was not supportive at first

Unknown facts about BTS

Yoongi’s parents initially didn’t want him to be in BTS. The family, who did not go to BTS concerts for a long time, later began to support Yoongi.

9. Jin keeps squirrels in his house

Unknown facts about BTS

Jin keeps squirrels in his house. He sometimes shares the photos he took with his squirrel on social media. Jin fans love his squirrel as much as Jin does.

10. Jimin is the most talkative of the group

Unknown facts about BTS

The most curious topic about BTS is who is the most talkative of the group. Jimin is the one who talks the most among the members of the BTS group.

11. Suga designs his jewelry

Unknown facts about BTS

BTS group member Suga; He designs all his jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Her favorite piece of jewelry is her ring with Suga inscription.

12. Jm’s favorite food: Bibimbap

Unknown facts about BTS

Favorite dishes of Jm, who likes to eat, are bibimbap, chahan, apple and kimchi.

13. Fortnite features BTS dancing

Unknown facts about BTS

In Fortnite, one of the most played games in the world, there is a combined version of the dances performed by the members of the BTS group.

14. Suga’s first song written by his father

Unknown facts about BTS

Suga’s first song was written by his father in anger and there is no copy. He also gets very angry when someone tries to wake up Suga.

15. Jimin is the shortest in BTS

Unknown facts about BTS

The shortest member of BTS is Jimin who is 1.73 cm tall. At 1.81 meters, RM is the tallest member of the group.

16. Group member who breaks rules at home pays money

Unknown facts about BTS

BTS group stays in the same house. When one of the group breaks the rules at their home, they are forced to pay the full 1,000 won.

17. BTS has its own Twitter emojis

Unknown facts about BTS

The world-beloved BTS group has its own Twitter emojis. In fact, BTS is the first group to receive Twitter emojis among K-pop groups.

18. BTS Group writes songs about sensitive topics

Unknown facts about BTS

BTS, who has made a global impact with his songs, writes lyrics about sensitive topics such as women’s rights, mental health, suicide, peer bullying and social ideals. BTS stands out from all K-pop groups with their quality lyrics and has a fan base of all age groups, big and small.

19. BTS Group Created by Company

Unknown facts about BTS

Many BTS fans think the group came about spontaneously. However, the group was not formed through friendship, as it is believed, but through eliminations by the company Hit Entertainment.

20. Jhope left the broadcast because he was angry

Unknown facts about BTS

While Jhope and Jimin were broadcasting, Jhope gave the broadcast to Jimin because he was getting comments like “You don’t talk, Jimin carry on”.

What does BTS mean?

BTS, lang Bangtan Sonyeondan, means bulletproof boy scouts in Korean.

How many hours per day does BTS work?

BTS rehearses 8 hours a day, dances and sings continuously for 4 hours.

What does BTS advocate?

BTS defend the fun of their own world against the rules and sexism imposed by society.

Who founded BTS?

BTS was founded by Hit Entertainment. The company, which selected 7 people by qualifying, founded the BTS group.

Why is BTS the color purple?

The reason BTS got the color purple is because it’s the last color of the rainbow and it means you love someone for a long time.

Who is the biggest member of BTS?

Seok Jin is the oldest member of BTS. In 2022, he went to the army to defend his homeland.

How many BTS fans are there?

BTS fans known as Army are more than 20 million.

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