31 thousand 505 people are waiting for organ transplant

Coordinator Organ and Tissue Donation Assoc. Dr İlknur Suidiye Yorulmaz stated that organ donation is the person’s free will to allow the use of his organs for the treatment of other patients after their medical life has ended while they are still alive. associate Dr Yorulmaz pointed out that the number of cadaver donors in our country was 305 in 2021 and 234 in 2022.

23 thousand kidney patients waiting for transplant

Yorulmaz stated that organs and tissues from 17 thousand living donors in 2021 and 16 thousand 821 living donors in 2022 were healed for the patients. 31 thousand 505 people are waiting for organ transplant, including 1,351 hearts, 23,000 808 kidneys, 2,494 livers, 273 pancreas, 179 lungs, 2 small intestines, 3,000 398 corneas.

Listing the Lungs, Heart, Liver, Small Intestine, Kidneys and Pancreas as Transplantable Organs, Assoc. Dr. Yorulmaz stated that it is used for transplantation treatment of cornea, tendon, heart valve, skin, vein, bone and bone marrow tissue.

“Any organ donor’s organs cannot be removed”

Underlines that organs are not taken after every death, Assoc. Dr Yorulmaz emphasized that organs were only collected from patients with brain death in intensive care. Yorulmaz stated that organ donations can be made by applying to health directorates, organ donation coordinators of university hospitals, state hospitals and private hospitals or health centers. Only the organs of people who have brain death in intensive care and have family approval are removed. Organ donation card is issued to people who request an organ donation and fill in and sign the organ donation form in the presence of two witnesses. In the case of brain death in these people, it is necessary to get permission from the family again.” he said.

“Organ transplant is allowed”

Yorulmaz pointed out that anyone over the age of 18 and in good mental health can donate organs, Yorulmaz said: “With the decision of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Supreme Council of Religious Affairs of 6.3.1980 and numbered 396, organ transplantation is allowed. In the 32nd verse of the Holy Quran it is stated that ‘whoever gives life to a person will earn rewards as if he gave life to all people’. Religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism also accept organ donation as a sign of human love.

“The treatment costs of patients waiting for donations are rising like an avalanche every day they wait”

Emphasizing that hundreds of thousands of people and their families in our country and around the world are waiting hopefully for organ donation, Assoc said. Dr Yorulmaz said: “The treatment costs of patients waiting for donations rise like an avalanche every day they wait. Families of patients with organ failure face difficulties without knowing what will happen in the future. As a society, it is an obligation and an integral part of being human to be aware of what organ donation is and reach the level of consciousness as soon as possible.We continue our work to raise this awareness and we invite every member of society to share their to donate organs.

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