4 spring skin diseases and precautions to take

Referring to the measures that can be taken to protect skin health in the spring months, dermatologist Dr Ada Bozkurt said: “People with pollen allergies should be careful not to be outside during the hours when pollen density increases, and even the airing the house should not be done during those hours. Laundry should not be hung outside. The shower must be taken after you come from outside.


“Urticaria, also known as ‘hives’ among people, is one of the most common skin diseases,” Bozkurt said. At night, the complaints usually increase,’ he said.


Noting that the spring months are usually difficult for allergy sufferers, dermatologist Dr. Ada Bozkurt noted, “Irritating dryness-induced eczema usually increases in the winter months, but allergic eczema is also seen in the spring months. It occurs on the face, the neck, arms, and legs of infants and children.In older children and adults, the inner surface of the elbows and “It manifests as dryness behind the knees and on the torso. As it becomes chronic, skin thickening and inflamed wounds occur. The main symptom is itching,” he said.


Bozkurt said that the harmful effects of the sun’s rays increase with the arrival of spring, “Sun spots can occur in many parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. To prevent the formation of these spots, sunscreens that are compatible with the skin’s structure regular transactions can be used,” he said.


Bozkurt shared the following information:

“For this reason, breathable shoes and cotton socks are preferable to prevent fungal infections that can occur, especially on the feet. Cleaning the skin should be important and the use of regular clothes, shoes and slippers should be avoided. Cotton clothing that prevents sweating is preferable.”

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