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The negative effects of the pandemic, political tensions, economic fluctuations and natural disasters have changed our understanding of success, purpose and value.

The EY 2022 Work Reimagined Survey, which was conducted with more than 17,000 employees and 1,575 employers across 22 countries and 26 industries, reflected the effects of adverse global trends on the workforce and employee motivation.

While 68% of employers responding to the survey said turnover has increased over the past 12 months, 43% of employees stated they are likely to leave their current job next year as a result of this situation. Companies that want to increase the participation of their employees in business processes, create a loyalty bond with them and increase their motivation, found the solution in corporate personnel training.

Life coach Fatih Boyacı, who offers a comprehensive training program under the umbrella of the Shine Yourself Personal Development and Healthy Living Center, evaluated the contribution of corporate staff training to productivity.


Negative developments around the world show their effects in the form of reduced work motivation and loss of productivity among employees. Training of company personnel, which focuses on awareness, self-confidence, stress management and self-knowledge, so that childhood trauma or anxiety disorders do not prevent professionals from being an obstacle to their success, creates a measurable impact in professional life. By controlling emotional states, it paves the way for advancement in professional life.

So, what other benefits does corporate staff training bring to employees?

– It allows them to discover their current potential.

– It paves the way for them to develop new strategies to achieve their goals and dreams.

– By sticking to the strategies they have devised, it is possible to create stability throughout the process and thus take more conscious steps.

– It enables them to develop their solution-oriented analytical mindset and increases their awareness of their roles and responsibilities in their private and professional lives.

Employees who participate in corporate personnel training also receive training on motivation, awareness, leadership, fear and time management, flexibility and adaptation. The participants, who learn ways to deal with the difficulties that their work, social life or family life may cause, understand that thanks to these trainings they can have a conscious competence in their decisions by solving the problems in a calmer way. In this way they ensure a balance between private and business life.

Fatih Boyaci

Employees also improve psychologically with company staff training. So, what are the advantages of companies in this process?

productivity: While employees increase their work motivation with the professional support they receive, companies increase efficiency in their business processes.

Interaction: Company personnel training makes it possible to eliminate the negative psychological problems of the employees and pave the way for them to improve their bilateral communication. This ensures healthy cooperation between teams in the company.

Work: Employees who realize their own potential gain self-confidence and are ready for new projects and the work they have already undertaken in their company. Managers can thus evaluate the existing workforce in various sources.

Innovation: Individuals who take corporate personnel training improve their creativity by eliminating concentration and focus problems. In this direction, companies are quicker to conduct innovation studies related to their business model and operational processes specific to their departments, paving the way for innovations.

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