5 important facts about nail cosmetics

Nail cosmetics, which are often preferred by women who want to have well-groomed hands and beautiful nails and do not want to waste time, are often preferred with the increasing demand. While applications such as gel nails, permanent nail polish and artificial nails make it easier to get beautiful nails, they also come with some problems. Due to increasingly widespread applications, a significant increase in the number of patients presenting to dermatologists due to problems related to nail cosmetics has been observed. Nail cosmetics are harmless to health, but it is also useful to take some precautions.

Before getting your nails done, listen to these suggestions

What should be paid attention to when applying these methods, which have advantages such as saving time and looking stylish?

1. First of all, make sure that sterile instruments are used during the procedure. It is important both to reduce the risk of infection during the procedure and to control infections that can be passed from person to person through blood.

2. Deep cutting of the cuticle during the manicure process can lead to infections and deformities of the nails. If possible, the cuticle should be preserved during the procedure.

3. Nails must be trimmed with proper technique. Improperly trimmed nails can lead to an ingrown nail.

4. Applications such as gel nails and permanent nail polish should be applied intermittently, not continuously. Methods that put prolonged pressure on the nail can lead to thinning, yellowing, breakage and deformities of the nail plate.

5. Especially in gel nail applications, the UV lamps used are another important point to consider. UV is a known risk factor for skin cancer. The permeability of the nail plate to UV is very low. In other words, the nail plate and underlying tissues are protected from the harmful effects of UV. However, the tissue around the nail needs to be protected. Prolonged, frequent applications can cause long-term problems. Covering the areas outside the nail with a suitable fingerless glove during UV application or applying sunscreen before the procedure will be protective.

Intermittently treat your nails and apply sunscreen to your hands

In addition to beautiful looking and well-groomed nails, health must also be protected. Such applications; It should be done in reliable centers and under sterile conditions by experts. Intermittent rather than continuous use of applications can reduce side effects. Protecting the areas around the nails while using UV lamps protects against skin cancer in the long run.

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