5 Unknown Characteristics of the Ottoman Sultan

The Ottoman Empire, like many other states throughout history, had a period when the sultan ruled. These sultans played an important role during the expansion, strengthening and reformation of the Ottoman Empire.

However, many features of these sultans help to understand Ottoman history and culture. In this article, we have discussed the most interesting features of the Ottoman sultans.

Interesting features of the Ottoman sultans

In addition to their statesmanship, the Ottoman sultans were also prominent people with their artistic, sporting and craft personalities. Here are five sultans who made their mark in every way;

1. Mehmed the Conqueror

When Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror ascended the throne, a comet was seen and the Pope excommunicated the star at the time as a “Turkish and Muslim-friendly heretic”. It was later learned that this comet was Halley’s comet. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who knew 7 languages, especially Arabic and Persian, spoke Latin as his mother tongue.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet managed to survive 14 assassination attempts planned by the King of Venice. There is still a suspicion of murder on his death. According to the surveys, he is the first sultan that comes to mind when the Ottoman Empire is mentioned.

2. Suleiman the Magnificent

Interesting features of the Ottoman sultans

Suleiman the Magnificent, called the Great Turk by Europeans, is the longest-reigning Ottoman ruler. He is called Kanuni not because he made new laws, but because he applies the existing laws very strictly. He is the longest reigning sultan in the Ottoman dynasty. He liked to dress flashy and wore a lot of wealth and jewellery.

3. Yavuz Sultan Selim

Interesting features of the Ottoman sultans

All of Yavuz Sultan Selim’s expeditions during his lifetime were to the east. He was always at the head of his army and administered himself. Yavuz Sultan Selim, in addition to his warrior personality, was a person with business acumen. He opened many market stalls in Istanbul and brought diversity in trade.

4. IV. Murad

Interesting features of the Ottoman sultans

He is known for his stern personality and for killing those who disobeyed the prohibitions, such as tobacco, alcohol and opium. He made great efforts against mages, fortune tellers and pawns. He is interested in chess and checkers games. He was such a good rider that he could jump from a running horse onto another horse.

5.II. Abdulhamid

Interesting features of the Ottoman sultans

During his period, a modernization process was started with the people. He took piano and western music lessons and played the violin while a prince. He showed an interest in modern garden care. He had a collection of antiques, as well as his skill in mother-of-pearl and ivory marquetry, carvings, and ornaments. II. Another characteristic of Abdulhamid was reading detective novels. It was the Ottoman sultan who built one of the world’s first metros between Karaköy and Taksim and built horse and electric trams.

How long did the Ottoman sultans rule?

The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299 and collapsed in 1923.

What religion did the Ottoman sultans belong to?

All Ottoman sultans belonged to the religion of Islam.

How long did the Ottoman sultans rule?

The most powerful and intelligent shahsades would fight for the sultanate. A sultan who came to power in the Ottoman Empire reigns until his death.

What were the powers of the Ottoman sultans?

The Ottoman sultans had full authority under the laws of the Ottoman Empire. During their reign, they could be involved in military, political, and economic affairs and run the government.

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