6 objects on your desk that can suppress your motivation

Desks are one of the places where we spend the most time in our daily lives. However, many people create a cluttered and cluttered environment at their desks. This not only reduces productivity, but can also negatively affect your health. That is why it is important to know which objects you should not keep on your desk. In this article, we’ll cover the items you shouldn’t leave on your desk to improve your health and productivity.

Motivation-reducing objects at the desk

Having certain objects on your desk not only creates clutter, but can also negatively impact your productivity. These are the items that shouldn’t be on the desk…

1. Dirty plates and glasses

Eating at your desk is not the right behavior. However, many people make this mistake and then leave dirty plates and glasses on their desks. This can cause your desk to become unsanitary and give off a foul odor. It would be more convenient to use a separate place for eating and a kitchen for cleaning.

2. Personal Care Products

Objects that do not belong on the desk

Keeping personal care products on your desk can distract you and reduce your work efficiency. Therefore, storing such products in your drawers may be a better option.

3. Phones and tablets

Objects that do not belong on the desk

Phones and tablets can make it hard to focus on work. Constantly getting notifications or hanging out on social media can reduce your productivity and waste your time. So don’t keep your phones or tablets on your desk. To concentrate on your work, you can put your phone on silent or keep it at a distance.

4. Unnecessary Documentation

Objects that do not belong on the desk

Filling your desk with unnecessary documents creates a disorganized environment and can lower your productivity. Therefore, keep documents that you only use when needed on your desk. Move or throw unnecessary documents to other places.

5. Extreme decoration items

Objects that do not belong on the desk

Decorating your desk can be inspiring and enjoyable, but overdecorating can make your desk look cluttered. Therefore, only use decorations that motivate or inspire you. By removing excess decorations, you keep your desk tidy.

6. Junk food

Objects that do not belong on the desk

Keeping high-calorie snacks on your desk can harm your health and drain your energy.

What are the items I should not keep on my desk?

Items you should not keep on your desk include first aid supplies, dirty dishes and glasses, personal belongings, phones and tablets, animals, poor lighting, unnecessary documents, redundant equipment, noisy objects, excessive decoration, heaters and coolers, garbage cans, soft seats, electronic cigarettes and dirty shoes.

What’s the harm in leaving my phone on my desk?

Keeping your phones and tablets behind your desk can result in constant notifications and social media freezes. That is why it is more convenient not to leave your phones or tablets on your desk.

How many devices should I have on my desk?

Keeping excess equipment on your desk can shrink your workspace and create a cluttered environment. It is more convenient to keep only the necessary equipment on your desk.

How can I adjust the height of my desk?

The height of your desk should be adjusted to make it easier for your eyes to view the computer screen. You need to adjust your sitting position and then determine the height of your desk.

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