6 ways to say ‘stop’ to sugary consumption during the holidays

Clinical dietitian Duygu Özbay, who says that sugar, whose harm has been proven by scientific studies, is responsible for many diseases that lower immunity, problems with the digestive system, obesity and the early stages of diabetes, and can even lead to cancer, is a treat sweet so that individuals do not develop health problems due to excessive sugar consumption during the holidays.’ He told me how to say it.

“Consume Foods Containing Probiotics on Evening Night”

Özbay, who recommends consuming a bowl of natural yogurt, 1 glass of turnip or 1 serving of pickles 2-3 hours before bed, said: “It will reactivate your digestive system, which has slowed down completely with Ramadan and will help your stomach and intestines prepare for their normal pace. These foods also contain protein thanks to the protein they contain. It will also help you stay full on the first day of the holiday and will make it easier for you to resist sweets. Maybe it’s breakfast is the first meal you should consider during the holidays, so don’t be lazy and neglect breakfast during the holidays, in the morning it is served with cheese-olives, a lean egg and lots of greens, it will help to keep your body during the day keep you fit in terms of the energy it provides, and will prevent you from constantly having to eat and consume sweets, will prevent weight gain by keeping you full throughout the day with their intense amino acid combinations.

“Don’t visit on an empty stomach”

Note that in the metabolism starving for hours, the blood sugar will drop and the appetite will increase, or you can consume 5 walnut halves with a bowl of cream-free yogurt or drink a glass of ayran.Instead, a salad prepared with a lot of greens or the consuming fruits with a high water content, provided you don’t miss the measure, will also help you feel full. Please note that it causes a significant increase in blood sugar and do not hesitate to politely refuse it. For example, do not eat dessert immediately after lunch and dinner, but use it immediately between meals. Instead of heavy desserts with syrup and pastries, if there is a treat option, you can choose from a milk dessert or even a fruit bowl. Use it side by side and consume it as a half portion, taking into account the following visits,” he said.

“Balance your blood sugar with green tea”

Özbay pointed out that green tea stands out as one of the healthiest beverages in the world and continued as follows; “Research shows that consumption of green tea helps to lower and balance high blood sugar levels. Green tea, which also helps regulate the laziness of the intestinal system during Ramadan, on holiday visits or at home, you can drink in moderation. But especially patients with hypertension should consult their doctor before consuming it. We now know very well that exercise is good both physically and mentally. Studies show that activity and walking increase the sensitivity of the hormone insulin to us . Therefore, a brisk walk of at least half an hour a day increases the secretion of endorphins, the happiness hormone in our body. And this reduces the urge to eat sweets. An average of 45 minutes of brisk walking a day is sufficient for this.

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