7 effective measures against ear infections in summer!

Our ears, which are among the most complex organs of our body, playing a very important role in maintaining the balance of the body and hearing, are at significant risk, especially in the summer months.

ENT doctor Prof. Dr. Arif Ulubil stated that there is an increase in external ear infections especially in the summer months and said: “The fact that the swimming pool or the sea is not clean can often cause ear infections. In addition, the chlorine in the pool reduces the resistance of the external auditory canal to external factors. Leaving the ears moist after contact with water is particularly likely to cause fungal infections to develop.

Beware of the pool and the sea!

Emphasizing that the external ear canal can be easily infected by microorganisms in the pool and sea, Prof. Dr. Arif Ulubil said, “In the summer period, we often see infections of the region called external ear infection. Microbes in the sea and especially in the pool water can cause infections in this area. Even if the pool water is clean in terms of microbes, since it has a high pH value, it can disrupt the low pH ratio in the outer ear canal and pave the way for microbes to settle and proliferate in this area. plants. In addition, ear congestion can develop due to contact with water, which is trapped in the ear canal and cannot be cleaned properly.

Danger from ear sticks!

Ear sticks are also widely used to remove wax or to unclog ears, but beware! Claiming that ear wax is expelled on its own under normal circumstances, using a cotton swab to clean the ears and inserting it too deeply pushes the dirt to the membrane and increases congestion. Dr Arif Ulubil said: “This also paves the way for infection. For this reason, it is necessary to consult a doctor rather than using ear sticks or random drops. Prof. Dr. Arif Ulubil states that bacteria-induced outer ear infections cause severe ear pain and that ear fungus causes persistent itching of the ear, adding that these problems are also common in summer.

7 important measures for ear health!

ENT specialist Prof. Dr. Arif Ulubil sums up the things to consider for the health of your ears in the summer as follows;

-Make sure the pool and the sea are clean.
– Try to dry your ears after showering or swimming, as the moisture in the ear canal can cause an infection.
– Dry your ears with a towel or hair dryer after the sea or pool.
– Do not use earplugs unless you have an existing eardrum problem. Otherwise, earplugs can both interfere with the ear’s ventilation and increase the risk of infection by damaging the skin of the outer ear canal.
-Make sure your hood is not too tight.
– Never use an earmold to relax if you feel stuffy or pressure in your ear.
– In case of any problem, avoid random applications and consult a doctor.

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