8 Cities That Prove How Humans Killed Nature

Cities where people have killed nature

Man has finally succeeded in making impressive footprints on our planet. Unfortunately, this is not a positive achievement. As time goes on, these negativities seem to lead to bad situations! These consequences will deeply affect future generations. Take a look at this photo that only shows the pollution level in Mexico City. When you couple this with the ever-growing population, you can imagine the dire consequences these areas can have for the animals in the region!

Here are the most beautiful cities where people killed their nature;

1. Haiti

This photo was taken in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. We draw your attention to the uneven stacking of houses, the floor is almost barely visible. Unfortunately, the city does not have enough money for waste disposal and nature conservation. Haiti will therefore not be able to get a makeover soon.

2.New Delhi

Cities without nature

New Delhi, India’s poverty-stricken city, is making its harmful influence known to the world. It sounds unbelievable, but it doesn’t seem that easy to deny the truth once you look at this unfavorable airflow of the city. As a result, so-called modern developments are sterilizing our country. Thanks to the 25 million inhabitants, there is hardly any greenery left.

3. USA

Cities without nature

Did you think the environmental damage hit the US? Think again! Los Angeles is notorious for traffic problems and fog. At the same time, tons of natural resources are rapidly consumed to meet the needs of this city.


Cities without nature

This image really shows what business development looks like. This photo, taken at an incinerator in Bangladesh, reveals the truth. Some places almost insist on harming the world. If these issues are not taken more seriously in places like this it will be very hard to survive!


Cities without nature

Canada is known for its natural, untouched beauty, but this photo is an exception. Heavy machinery produces its own pollution. Oil, used as a fuel in Canada and other countries, continues to perform this negative function. What you see in this photo has a significant impact on the environment.

You don’t see many machines at oil sands development facilities in Canada. This dump was once beautiful and lush. Now it looks like nothing but a creepy wasteland!


Cities without nature

You can’t see the heavy machinery wreaking havoc in this photo, but you don’t need glasses to see this Oregon forest desert. This deforestation was done to build a dam on the land. Look at the natural bill for a dam!

7. Colombia

Cities without nature

Private companies have made huge profits from deforestation for years. People often assume that trees are a renewable resource, but what’s the point if you don’t grow them to make that happen!

8. Russia

Cities without nature

The big hole in the photo is not a special Hollywood effect! One of the largest diamond mines in Russia. It seems clear that exploiting the Earth’s resources has not been enough for humans and they continue to devastate them underground.

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