8 Suits Rules Every Man Should Know

Having certain rules for wearing a suit can help you take your dress one step further and make you feel more confident. Choosing a suitable suit for business, special occasions or an official event can give both a professional and stylish look.

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There are some subtleties in wearing a suit and you can break the dress code without knowing these details. Therefore, understanding and applying the rules of suit dressing allows you to express yourself effectively and can put you one step ahead on the road to success.

1. You must always wear a belt

You must wear a belt in your pants. Avoid wearing pants without belts. Also remember that your belt should match your shoes.

2. Your tie should match your suit

Grab rules

The most important weapon among the modern man’s accessories is the tie. Despite this, most men prefer not to wear a tie. Men who wear a tie must make the right choice. When choosing the color and patterns of the tie, consider the environments in which you will wear it. Choosing a darker tie than the color of the shirt will make you look more serious.

When choosing a tie, you can opt for matte colours. Because these colors can harmonize with any team. In addition, it is very important to choose the right size tie. You should choose a tie that ends just above your belt and fits around your neck.

3. The shirt must fit perfectly

There are only two things you need to know when choosing your shirt. One is the measurement of your neck circumference and the other is the length of your arms. Pretty simple isn’t it? Knowing these two measurements will help you choose the shirt that best suits you. So you don’t have to hand over your shirt to the tailor.

Shoulders are the best way to tell if the shirt fits you. The seams should be just above your shoulder. The shirt should hug your body. Always pay attention to the adjustments in your arms.

4. You have to choose your jacket well

Grab rules

One of the most important parts of the suit is the jacket. Your jacket should suit your body type. It should not be narrow or loose. The shoulder width of the jacket should end at the tip of your shoulders and should be aligned so that it does not fall down.

Therefore, your mobility may be limited. The length of your jacket should also end in the same place as the end of the zipper. If your coat has two buttons, always fasten only the top button. If there are three buttons, connect the middle one.

5. You should pay attention to the trouser cut

The waist circumference should be slightly tightened so that it doesn’t bother you, and the pants shouldn’t fall from your waist, even if you don’t have a belt. The back should not be shabby or narrow, creating tension lines. Never put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. This spoils the posture of your pants as well as you and causes your pants to rip with prolonged use.

The leg cut of the trousers should taper down. This is because the top part of your leg and the bottom part are not the same diameter. It will be much better for you to choose slim fit pants. The leg length should be such that it does not fall on your shoes when you are standing and your leg skin is not visible when you are sitting.

6. The color of your shoes

Grab rules

Are you unsure about which color shoes to choose for which team? The image shows the choices the experts made.

7. Pay attention to the stockings

The most important factor when choosing socks is that they are compatible with your pants. Another method is to match your socks with one of your other clothing items. Never choose socks with a picture or a cartoon character on them. If you want to look stylish and cool, don’t choose like the picture.

8. Apply perfume correctly

There are two basic methods of spraying perfume. One of them is the neck. The other is where you have arteries like your wrist, that is, where your body gives off heat. Perfume is definitely not sprayed under the armpits. Squeezing the center of your chest while naked is very effective at slowly diffusing the scent.

Another method is to spray the perfume right in front of you and walk through it after getting dressed. With this method, the perfume will fly over you faster during the day than with the other method.

Tips for choosing the right suit

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Choosing the right suit is very important to feel good and express yourself effectively. However, choosing a suit can be quite confusing for many people. Here are some tips for choosing the right suit:

Please measure your size correctly

The suit should fit your body perfectly. When choosing a suit, it is important to measure your size correctly and choose a suit that fits your size. It is best to go to a tailor for this.

Fabric selection

Fabric is very important when choosing a suit. In general, wool, silk and linen suits are preferred. The quality of the fabric you choose is very important for the durability and appearance of your suit.

Color selection

The choice of suit color depends on the purpose of your outfit and where you wear it. While dark colored suits are generally preferred for business meetings, light colored suits may be preferred for more social events.

Style selection

When choosing a suit, it is important to choose a style that suits your personal style and body type. You can choose between styles such as classic, modern, slim-fit.

Accessory selection

Choosing accessories to match your suit gives a finished look. Accessories such as ties, wallets, belts and shoes can complete the style and appearance of your suit.

Selection of quality tailors

If you are going to have your suit made, it is important to choose a quality tailor. The tailor will ensure that your suit fits your body perfectly and creates a bespoke look for you.

Suit styles

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Suits have always been a popular choice in the clothing world. With their different styles, fabrics and cuts, they can be suitable for many different purposes. These are the most popular suit styles:

Classic suit

The classic suit is a style that is often preferred, especially in business settings. Classic suits, usually made of high-quality wool in dark colors, are the perfect choice for any formal event.

Slim fit suit

For those looking for a more modern style, slim fit suits are a good choice. This style is a tighter fit that hugs your body and is generally popular with young people.

Spanish cut suit

The Spanish cut suit consists of a round cut jacket and tight trousers. This style is especially popular in warm climates.

Italian cut suit

Italian cut suits are preferred for a modern and stylish look. Slim trousers and high-shouldered jackets are the hallmarks of Italian-cut suits.

Half sleeve suit

One of the most suitable options that can be worn in summer are half-sleeved suits. Lighter fabrics and short-sleeved jackets are the hallmarks of this style.

Pack fabrics

For those looking for a more original option, fabric suits are a good choice. Suits made with different fabrics such as silk, linen or even velvet can provide a personal style and characteristic appearance.

How do you wear a suit the right way?

To wear the suit correctly, you must choose a suit with the right size and cut. The sleeve length of the jacket should end above the ankle and the trousers should be long enough. Also, the bottom button of the coat should always remain closed.

What color suit should I wear?

In business environments, dark suits are preferred, especially black, dark gray and navy blue. However, different colors can also be suitable for special events. Blue and light gray suits are ideal to wear in the summer.

What shoes should I wear with the suit?

Leather shoes are generally preferred for suits. Black leather shoes go well with black suits. Brown shoes go well with brown or light-colored suits.

Do I have to wear a suit and tie?

No, you are not required to wear a suit and tie, but in business settings it is generally expected that you wear a tie. It may be appropriate to wear a tie to more formal events, but you can also look casual with a suit and tie for special events or in the summer months.

Which shirts should I wear with the suit?

Solid colors, white or blue shirts are compatible with the suit. It is also possible to use patterned shirts, but in this case the suit and tie should be simpler.

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