A ban on TikTok also comes from the Netherlands – Last Minute Technology News

The number of countries participating in the TikTok ban is increasing. After the US, Denmark, Belgium and England, the social media platform TikTok was banned in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, it was recommended that the Chinese social media platform TikTok be removed from public phones used by government officials due to concerns about security and espionage.

In a written statement on the government’s website, the decision of the Dutch Security and Intelligence Service (AIVD) states that “The use of applications from companies in countries that have an aggressive cyber policy by officials increases the risk of espionage.” was given at his suggestion.

In the statement, Alexandra van Huffelen, State Secretary for Royal Relations and Digitalisation, says: “Parliamentary questions and international developments have prompted us to seriously investigate more than just an application. We are working on structural solutions where civil servants and the government can feel safe in the digital world.” statements were included.

The statement noted that the government is working on a system where applications that pose a security risk can be completely removed from public phones and only pre-approved and allowed applications can be downloaded to public phones.


In the US, many government agencies, including the White House, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department, have banned TikTok without waiting for a vote in Congress in December 2022.

The executive body of the European Union (EU), the European Commission, imposed a TikTok ban on its employees on February 23 due to security concerns.

The European Parliament (EP), one of the EU institutions, also banned the Chinese social media platform TikTok citing concerns about the safety of its employees following the European Commission and Council.

The Danish Ministry of Defense has banned its employees from using the Chinese social media platform TikTok on devices used in official services, as part of cybersecurity measures.

The Belgian federal government on March 10 banned the Chinese social media platform TikTok from computers and mobile devices used by government officials.

The UK announced on March 16 that it would immediately ban the use of TikTok on public phones and other electronic devices.

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