A blue flag was flown on Gelinkaya public beach in Urla

The number of blue flag beaches in Turkey continues to increase. Gelinkaya Public Beach in Urla, Izmir was also awarded the blue flag.

According to the statement of Urla Municipality, İzmir Deputy Governor Faik Arıcan emphasized the importance of tourism to the country’s economy in his speech at the ceremony.

Emphasizing that countries around the world are working to increase their tourism revenues, Arıcan said:

“With its climate, nature, beaches and plateaus, our country can of course get a high share in this cake, but there are also some criteria and quality marks. One of those hallmarks is the ‘blue flag’ that we celebrate. is an international label with 33 criteria that is not easy to achieve. We’re third in the world, but there’s no reason not to be first when we look at our potential. We are third in the world and our city is third in our country. We have very valuable beaches and opportunities. Some effort is needed to refine them and put them at the service of our citizens. It is not easy to obtain, but an effort to increase it in the coming periods. We have to be in it.”

Arıcan thanked those who contributed to the blue flag.


Mayor of Urla, District Governor Murtaza Dayanç emphasized that they have been carrying out important projects in Urla for 2.5 years.

On their work on the coast, Dayanç continued:

“The 350-meter public beach of Gelinkaya is occupied by 35-40-year-old makeshift barracks, illegal constructions without a permit, it has become a source of income for some, there are companies that earn 5-10 million lira every year, the public can’t see the sea, can’t get in, and if they do, it’s very exorbitant It was a place without a family atmosphere, where people paid high prices It was a place that didn’t fit the identity of the touristic city of Urla. From Çamlıçay to Zeytinalanı on all our coasts, from Iskele, Çeşmealtı, Özbek and from our southern coasts to the occupations in the protected areas, in a short time of about 2 years, we have removed all the occupations. We have removed the areas organized in a decent manner. Currently, our citizens are enjoying the beaches in a clean and hygienic environment with peace of mind and with their families.”

Dayanç stated that while there was only one blue flag beach in Urla in 2020, they have increased it to 7 with their recent work, and their goal for 2024 is to increase this number to 10.

Commander of the Coast Guard Aegean Region Vice Admiral Serkan Tezel, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Murat Karacanta, Provincial Director of Health Assoc. Dr. Emre Erkuş, Urla Chief Prosecutor Ali Armağan Karaca, District Police Chief İsmail Duman, District Gendarmerie Commander First Lieutenant Adem Aydoğdu and Turkish Environmental Education Foundation İzmir and North Aegean Provinces Coordinator Doğan Karataş were also present.

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