A completely environmentally friendly ship: it gets its energy from the sea

The vessel, named “AYN Green”, has been designed in a way that does not harm the environment and consume natural resources at all stages from construction to use. It will use hydrogen from the sea as fuel.

The green ship, which was designed by Turkish companies and scientists and which will use the hydrogen extracted from the sea as fuel, has been designed in such a way that it does not harm the marine ecosystem while eliminating its ecological footprint. CNA Group, active in the field of energy and maritime, started the green ship project together with Turkish scientists.

The vessel, named “AYN Green”, has been designed in a way that does not harm the environment and consume natural resources at all stages from construction to use. AYN Green, which is to become a dry cargo vessel, will convert seawater into hydrogen en route by processing seawater with wind energy. The converted hydrogen is used on board as fuel. The waste from the ship, which is fitted with solar panels, is also converted into electricity.

The ship is completely environmentally friendly

The construction of the ship, which will start shortly and will cost 45 million euros, should be commissioned within 3 years. Hakan Yagli, chairman of the board of directors of CNA Group, explained the characteristics of the vessel and said that as a company, they provide consultancy services to shipowners and shipyards.

Oily continued: “I was curious about some things in these activities. We came up with the idea, together with our academics, of ‘How can we rise above other states, how can we lead the way in maritime’. We started with the decision to implement the project. After about a year of preparation, we have completed the project phase.”

Yagli stated that they carried out the project with 26 highly respected teachers from Turkey and nearly 80 academic staff in the fields of energy, hydrogen and shipping. Pointing out that the ship is completely eco-friendly, Yagli said: “Today most companies in the world say ‘we build green ships’. However, they do this by applying only certain parts of the green. ‘AYN Green’, that we have developed reveals the whole definition of green and its structure will be based on that.” he said.

Waste is converted into electrical energy

Yagli states that the armor system on the ship will be produced from a special polyurethane material, which will eliminate the poisonous substance used to protect the ships from species such as seaweed and mussels, Yagli said, adding that the ship’s waste will also be removed. will be recycled. Oily said: “The waste from the personnel on board is stored in a certain storage structure, burned in a closed circuit and converted into electrical energy. The ship itself is produced in 100% reusable condition. While the ship will remove its carbon footprint, it will not harm the marine ecosystem.”

Launching in 36 months

Yağız ended his words as follows: “We are ready for construction, the first part of the funding will be transferred to Turkey at the end of this month. Then we put the ship on the slipway. We are currently well above International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards. We are moving towards zero CO2 emissions while our vessel is under construction and our vessel will be launched in 36 months.”


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