A first in Turkey from vivo: Android update promise for entry-level and mid-range models – Breaking News

Vivo, one of the world’s top 5 best-selling phone brands as of 2021, opened its Turkish production facility in Gebze for the first time in 2021.

The production facility for vivo Turkey, which was commissioned in Gebze with an investment of USD 20 million, has increased the global production capacity of vivo to more than 200 million units, becoming the 8th production center after China, South and Southeast Asia. The active capacity of the in vivo Turkey production facility, whose investment was completed with an annual production capacity of 5 million devices, was increased by 35 percent when the third production line was commissioned at the end of 2022. More than 300 people still work at the facility that produces the vivo Y series models, which are highly acclaimed in their segment for their stylish design and high performance.

speak at the meeting Ted Dai, general manager of vivo Turkey, vivo bases its mission to create value for society on China’s Benfen philosophy, which means doing the right things and doing things the right way; With this perspective, he explained that it has a well-deserved reputation in the industry for its superior quality, stylish design and leading innovations such as the thinnest smartphone, the first under-display fingerprint reader and the first pop-up camera. Dai explains that vivo pursues the same quality standard across all product categories in all its manufacturing facilities around the world, in line with the Benfen philosophy. market, with our passion for superior quality and the beautiful products we offer to our users in all categories. We manufacture all our Y series models in Turkey in vivo Turkey factory and offer them to our users after strict quality control testing. Turkey is a very important market for vivo. We are planning our extensive long-term investment in Turkey. Here we will continue to invest in users, to offer competitive and quality products, to operate our production facility at full capacity by implementing new production lines to meet increasing demand, and to invest in supply chains. In this context, we have also started the necessary researches and studies to implement the fourth production line. In 2023, we want to implement our new production line, which will create employment for about 100 people.”

vivo Turkey CMO Ertan Şensoy and vivo Turkey General Manager Mr.Ted Dai

A First in Turkey to Thank Vivo Users: Sustainable Vivo Models “Always New”

The surveys show that the phone renewal period in Turkey has reached long like 35 months and trust is the main criterion that consumers look at when buying a phone in our country. Android phones used for a long time may experience issues such as security issues, crashes and shutdowns, insufficient battery, inability to download or use some applications and games. vivo Turkey is paving a new path to prevent Android phone users from encountering such problems. As part of its “Always New” campaign, the company will showcase the V25 5G model, which is considered a “lite flagship”, and the Y35 and Y22s models produced in vivo Turkey, with two main Android update guarantees and a 3-year security update guarantee for all users.

Recalling that according to the user satisfaction survey conducted by the independent research company Ipsos, vivo is the most recommended brand among Android brands in Turkey with a percentage of 72 percent. Ertan Şensoy, CMO of vivo Turkey, emphasized that they have implemented an application that their competitors have not done before in Turkey with the “Always New” campaign to thank the users for their trust. Şensoy said: “For the first time in our country, we are offering Android update guarantee to consumers in entry-level and mid-range models. This is proof of our confidence in our devices, our high-quality production processes and results. For example, vivo smartphones that remain “Forever New” will continue to provide consumers with a secure experience over long periods of use. In addition, I would like to remind our customers who shop through our official sales channel myvivoshop.com that in addition to the 2-year mandatory manufacturer’s warranty, we offer a 1-year free manufacturer’s warranty.”

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