A new method in the treatment of scoliosis; ‘wire therapy’

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Okan Özkunt said: “When the curvature is 40 degrees or more, it can be quickly diagnosed by physical examination and tests, or may need to be treated surgically when rapid curvature is observed. In the classical method, open surgery is corrected using of screws and rods and freezing is applied to the spine.However, as a new method in the surgical treatment of scoliosis, string scoliosis (vertebral body tethering) is becoming a popular and prominent treatment.


“In the threaded scoliosis surgery, the thread stretched between the screws improves even without freezing. Thanks to the band (rope) used in the threaded scoliosis surgery, the curvature continues to improve spontaneously as the patient grows taller, with the elongation of the free vertebral side of the curvature. Dr Ozkunt said:

“Treating string scoliosis is ideal for children over the age of 10 with spinal flexibility. Nevertheless, the most appropriate method of treatment for the patient is determined by conducting the necessary examinations. In the surgical procedure performed closed (endoscopic) with an emphasis on patient comfort, the vertebrae are screwed with a camera by entering small holes and the curvature is corrected by tightening special threads over these screws. In this way, the spine of especially growing children can continue to develop by maintaining their mobility thanks to the rope that is attached to the screws.”


Expressing that threaded scoliosis treatment has many advantages over classical scoliosis treatment, Özkunt listed these advantages as follows:

“While the families believe that scoliosis treatments can prevent their children from growing in height, height is not affected. On the contrary, as the patient grows taller after treatment, the curvature continues to improve and minor curvatures also disappear over time.

Thanks to the method, the movements of the patient’s spine are not restricted.

In contrast to the classical method, it is possible to return to top-class sport sooner, especially for children who participate in sports.

Children’s hospital stay, subsequent wound healing and return to daily life are also faster.


“The most important rule in the treatment of threaded scoliosis is that the body structure of the patient is suitable for this procedure,” Assoc said. Dr Okan Özkunt said: “For this reason, as with any disease, early diagnosis is very important. It is a well-known fact that curvature increases with height in scoliosis patients. Therefore, these patients consult a doctor with curvatures that suddenly have been noticed at the beginning of their adolescence. In fact, these curvatures are a phenomenon that develops over time, not suddenly. At this point, parents should pay attention to consult a specialist, even if they notice small changes in their children’s childhood.

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