A prominent headache may be a sign of a tumor

Expressing that the situation in which a doctor is consulted for vision loss in brain tumors is pituitary adenomas, Brain and Neurosurgeon Assoc. Dr Cüneyt Göçmez said pituitary adenomas cause vision loss because they are very close to the optic nerves. Arguing that it generally starts with blindness on the sides of the visual field, Assoc. Dr Göçmez said: “Patients feel like they are wearing blinders. This is the disease that causes the most blindness in brain tumors. The pituitary gland is an endocrine structure that secretes hormones. Depending on the hormone it secretes, it can create different clinics in patients. For example, prolactin-secreting tumors can cause impotence in men and infertility in women. These are called prolactinomas. If this hormone secretes the hormone we call ACTH, disease occurs when cortisone levels rise, which we call Cushing’s disease in humans.

“Hands and feet get bigger, the voice gets thicker”

Provide information on the symptoms of pituitary adenoma, Assoc. Dr Göçmez stated that acne, lubrication in the neck, increased hair growth in the body, fattening in the face of the moon and disproportionate lubrication are observed in this disease. associate Dr. Göçmez explained that another reflection occurs in the form of enlargement of the hands, feet, chin, nose and ears, which are called the end organs.

“We don’t make cuts on the face”

Today, endoscopic surgery through the nostrils is considered the gold standard. Assoc stated that they saw the tumor much more clearly during the surgery they performed through the nose. Dr Göçmez said: “The tumor is removed using only the nostrils without disturbing the integrity of the skull. So we don’t make any incisions in the face. This method allows the patient to get up faster and continue his life much sooner.”

associate Dr. Göçmez pointed out that for pituitary adenoma, the pain in the front of the head, hitting the eyes, which is usually experienced in the morning and awakening from sleep, should be taken as a warning and it is necessary to consult a neurosurgeon.

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