A unique discovery in Australia for travellers: Margaret River

used to city life and Margaret river’Among those planning to go to Turkey, those who are afraid of animals, especially reptiles, especially those with a phobia, the following thing to know before you go: for Australians, they are the real owners of the continent. They are not afraid of wild animals, do not take them from their natural environment, do no harm at all and learn to live with them from the very beginning of swaddling.

Therefore just like Margaret RiverIt is very common to come across the “Aware of snakes” warning sign when entering a cafe, as in . While humans spend time on the veranda of the cafe, snakes continue their lives under the veranda or in the surrounding bushes.


Snakes and sharks are also on the list of things to watch out for, not only in cafes but also on the signboards at the beach entrances. The relationship between Australians and sharks is another matter. until last year Margaret river’When I asked the manager of one of the surf schools in Istanbul if there was any danger from sharks in the sea, he calmly replied, “There is no danger, sharks won’t eat you this season, so they won’t eat you,” and continued he calmly went about his work as if he had said the most normal thing in the world.

According to statistics, shark attacks throughout Australia are limited to a few per year, with an average of one fatal attack per year. When you look at the data to wonder about the details, although the numbers are refreshing according to the statistics, the details don’t have the same effect at all.

There is only one shark attack in Australia that ended in death in 2021, and that was in Fremantle, close to the Margaret River region. While the report describes what happened to a 57-year-old swimmer, saying “He was split in half and eaten by a shark,” it states that a 16-year-old swimmer was injured in the legs in a shark attack. took place in the same place but on a different beach in 2023.

There’s another type of animal to watch out for, though it may not be as thought-provoking as sharks and snakes: Kangaroos. There are two signs that often catch your eye when driving on the road: the first warns motorists of kangaroo exits on the road, and the second on the opposite side of the road bears the phrase “Caution, you have wrong direction, turn back”. We later understand that this warning, which seems meaningless at first, is for drunk driving.

While drunk drivers are a real danger, drivers should be just as careful as kangaroos can cause life-threatening accidents if they get in front of the vehicle due to their size.


There are no large hotels in downtown Margaret River, which is 166 miles from Perth Airport. In addition to small and modest hotels and hostels, there are also luxurious oceanfront homes with extraordinary views that are rented out daily, albeit with a few bears.

The timber-built Admiral Sterling Inn with a communal kitchen in the town centre, Adamsons Riverside, Bridgefield Guest House, which opened as the area’s first guest house, are relatively more affordable places. For those who want to stay in the woods, there’s the Riverview Tourist Park, a 10-minute walk from town, with riverside cabins.

In other places outside the city center there are Resorts or Lodges that appeal to higher budgets. In any case, it is necessary to book before it is too late for the holiday plan. It is difficult to find a place to sleep in the region where the bed capacity is not high. 2.5 hours drive from the airport Margaret river’Busselton is one of the must see places before coming to Turkey.

In this charming town, which is home to Australia’s longest wooden bridge, eating fish, especially a plate of fresh seafood, while gazing at the ocean in one of the quintessential seaside restaurants is one of the first choices of foreigners.

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