Ada Package request How and where?

Today, real estate purchases are increasing rapidly. However, before purchasing a new property, it is extremely important to confirm the correct location and title deed information for the property in question. At this point, the island pack question comes into play. The island land application process helps you have a smooth purchasing process by providing you with the location of the land the property is located on, title deed and layout information.

In this article, by explaining the concepts of island, parcel and layout, we will discuss in detail how to retrieve an island parcel.

What is an Island?

The island refers to formations such as streets, avenues, squares, railways, streams, which are surrounded by certain boundaries according to zoning regulations. The island is a unit formed by the combination of the areas where the plots are located. The concept of island is often used, especially in urban transformation projects. Urban transformation areas are often plots arranged.

What is a package?

The plot is the name given to the piece of land determined according to the zoning regulations. Each lot is defined as surrounded and numbered within certain boundaries. There can be several rights holders on 1 lot. The plots are located on a specific island and map in the land register.

Island Pack Survey

What is a layout?

A layout refers to each of the separate pieces that make up a large map, plan, or model of a particular scale. The parcel data is displayed on the maps on the maps of the General Directorate of Kadaster and Kadaster. The maps detail the location of the land and properties and are used in island plot surveys.

How is an application for an island package made?

You can easily submit a lot request online. You can use the e-Government or the Kadaster and Kadaster Information System (TAKBİS) for this.

Island Pack Survey

TKGM Land Registry and Land Registry Plot Investigation

  • Go to the official website of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.
  • Enter the city, district, neighborhood, island and package information of the place you want to query.
  • You can view your determined location on the map and get to know the field and layout information in detail. You can also query with coordinate information and determine the exact location of the place.

TKGM’s package request page provides you with detailed options so that you can see the desired location on the map and access the package sheet information.

e-Government Parcel Research

  • Log in to the official e-Government site and log in with your TR ID and password.
  • Select “Directorate General Land Registry and Land Registry” in the “e-Services” section.
  • Information request deedYou can view your registered information and use the map service by clicking on the link “. This way you can easily find out your island and package information.

What information is needed for Ada Parcel Inquiry?

Information about the province, district, neighborhood, island, and parcel is generally required to conduct an island package survey. You can find this information in your title deed or at the relevant municipality.

Why is Ada Parcel being questioned?

Ada Parcel Inquiry allows property owners to find out the exact location and details of their properties. This information is of great importance in situations such as land evaluation, construction planning, urban transformation projects and real estate purchases and sales.

What is included in the results of the Ada Parcel Inquiry?

The results of the island parcel survey usually contain information such as the name of the country, parcel, layout information, boundaries, coordinates and location on the relevant map.

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