Addiction is a disease with a cure

exp. Dr. Burçin Nuri Akal gave information about the “Day of the fight against drugs”. Dr. Dr. Dr. Burçin Nuri Akal explained the development of the disease as follows:

“The person thinks he can control himself and does the first drink or substance test of his own volition. Over time, he thinks he will find the pleasure and happiness that he finds difficult in real life in this temporary, chemical world. He even begins to choose this method to escape fear and pain. Due to the action of the substance used, the reward mechanism of the brain begins to become more active and the control mechanism begins to deteriorate. The person begins to use more alcohol or drugs. Tolerance develops, that is, the old doses are not enough to stimulate the reward center, the person gradually increases the dose. After a while, the deterioration of family, professional or social relationships begins, but the person continues to use alcohol or drugs persistently.

Behavioral addictions have come to the fore recently.

Noting that behavioral addictions that stimulate the pleasure center of the brain have emerged recently, Uzm. Dr Burçin Nuri Akal said addictions such as digital games, social media, gambling, exercise, smartphones, social media and shopping could be examples of this. Emphasizing that behavioral addiction means the loss or reduction of an individual’s ability to end a behavior of their own will, Uzm. Dr. Akal stated that these behavioral addictions also cause addiction by making the same effects of drugs.

Medication and psychotherapy can be administered

Expressing that the main problem for addiction is the stage that the person cannot avoid even if he wanted to, Uzm. Dr Akal said: “Addiction is not a disease that can only be solved with willpower, as many of us think. Addiction is a disease. Changing our lifestyle and the support of our family members is the first step. In addiction, treatment is given in terms of both medication and psychotherapy. It is a disease that can be treated if we make regular and patient progress. 3-month storage needles, which have recently replaced the chip insertion method in drug addiction, are used in inpatient clinics under the supervision of the physician and treatment team.

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