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The video game industry, one of the most prominent sectors of Turkey’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, has enjoyed international success over the past 5 years. While data from the Presidential Investment Office shows that there are 522 active gaming ventures among these companies, news came of a new licensing deal from Zuuks Games, the producer of the world’s most downloaded simulation games.

With over 650 million downloads worldwide with its realistic simulation games Bus Simulator: Ultimate and Truck Simulator: Ultimate, Zuuks Games has signed a licensing agreement with Germany-based truck and bus manufacturer Daimler Truck AG.

Popular buses and trucks are transferred to the game

Within the scope of the agreement, which made Zuuks Games the first game company, Daimler Truck AG, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, operating with more than 40 production facilities and more than 100,000 employees worldwide, has entered into an agreement and license, Daimler Truck AG It has been noted that popular bus and truck models named Mercedes-Benz, Actros, Axor, Travego, Tourismo, Tourrider and Setra, bearing the company’s signature, will be licensed in the world’s most downloaded mobile simulation games produced by Zuuks Games.

More than 650 million people play

More than 650 million people are known to play Bus Simulator: Ultimate and Truck Simulator: Ultimate produced by Zuuks Games.

This figure makes the Turkish company one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile simulations. Established with 100 percent Turkish capital, Zuuks Games has managed to make a global impact and create mobile games that bring together gamers from many parts of the world, especially from Europe and Turkey, without choosing to invest.

It will take your mobile gaming experience to the next level

Zuuks Games, which offers simulation games in which Turkish bus stations and highways are modeled down to the smallest detail, will take the in-game details to the next level and bring the players’ driving experience closer to reality with this agreement.

The most popular truck and bus models, produced by Daimler Truck AG and used in real life by many logistics and transport companies, will be part of Zuuks Games’ detailed simulation experience with their three-dimensional modeling techniques.

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