Airfel LPCY35BM Portable Air Conditioner Features and Reviews

Airfel LPCY35BM 9, one of the best portable air conditioner models with its advanced technology and superior performance, can be used for cooling in summer and heating in winter. This product, with on/off air conditioning technology, provides comfortable air by removing excess moisture in the environment. This portable air conditioner, which stands out for its fault diagnosis and protection function, offers the possibility of using it with ease.

This product, which also stands out for its energy savings, is one of the products preferred by those who are considering buying a mobile air conditioner. If you are thinking of purchasing the Airfel LPCY35BM 9 Portable Air Conditioner, you can learn all the features and user comments of the product by reading our content.

Airfel LPCY35BM Technical Specifications

Cooling capacity 12,000 BTUs
Heating capacity 1000 BTU
Volume: 51dB
Energy class: a

Airfel LPCY35BM portable air conditioner review

The Airfel LPCY35BM, which provides cold or heat according to the needs of the environment, is also appreciated by its users for its low energy consumption. Equipped with smart control functions, this portable air conditioner offers the possibility to give commands without getting up, thanks to the remote control. Airfel LPCY35BM, which should be preferred by users who care about air quality, quickly adjusts humidity and also attracts particles in the environment.

This product, which attracts attention with its noise level of 51 dB, ensures comfortable use because it does not provide disturbing noise levels. Thanks to the error diagnosis and protection function, the product protects itself in case of possible wrong commands and power interruptions, providing more reliable use.

Airfel LPCY35BM portable air conditioner design

The Airfel LPCY35BM, which is white in color, easily fits into small spaces due to its compact structure. Since the control buttons on the top part are simple and understandable, they offer practical use. Thanks to the adjustable slats you determine the direction of the airflow of this product yourself and thanks to the light structure it is easy to transport to the desired location. This product, which you can easily move with the mini wheels on the bottom, is also appreciated for its remote control.

Airfel LPCY35BM Mobile Air Conditioner Performance

Airfel LPCY35BM

Airfel LPCY35BM meets the needs of its users with its high performance and provides a comfortable environment thanks to its wide heating and cooling range. This product, which spreads the desired heat setting evenly over the entire area in a short time, does not cause much discomfort with its 51 dB noise level. This product, which provides a balanced airflow by removing the excess humidity from the environment, ensures satisfaction when the electricity bill comes with its low energy consumption.

This product with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU and a heating capacity of 1,000 BTU stands out for its A energy class. It also caters to user needs with different operating modes such as adjustable fan, dehumidification, turbo mode and sleep mode. Thanks to the error diagnosis and protection system, the product protects itself in the event of possible wrong commands and power failures, allowing you to use it safely and for a long time.

This product, which can be switched on and off automatically at any time thanks to the timer function, offers ease of use. The timer function, which is only valid for 24 hours, allows you to make any changes you want on other days.

Airfel LPCY35BM diagnostic and protection system

Fault diagnosis and protection system, one of the advanced features of Airfel LPCY35BM, prevents malfunctions by protecting the most important parts of your portable air conditioner in case of wrong commands, malfunctions or power failure. The portable air conditioner, which provides feedback on its status by displaying an error code in case of possible malfunctions, helps you to be aware when calling for service.

Airfel LPCY35BM

Airfel LPCY35BM Energy consumption and impact area

The Airfel LPCY35BM, which has energy class A, stands out for its low energy consumption despite its high performance. This portable air conditioner, which offers a great benefit on the electricity bill in the long run, is appreciated by people who are sensitive to the environment. It also offers energy savings as it works automatically when you need it, with its timer function. Airfel LPCY35BM, which can easily cool or heat 50 square meters of space, is suitable for both office and home environments.

Airfel LPCY35BM User Reviews

👤 The product meets expectations with very good heating and cooling performance. In order not to give wrong information, I chose to write a review after trying for a while. It can be said that it is of good quality for the price. I do not have any problems except the load I can easily recommend it to those who are considering a portable air conditioner. H*** F***

👤 I prefer it to be mobile. Heating is not bad. I have not tested the cooling yet. I am satisfied for now. A**** G****

👤 It cools a space of 30-40 square meters very well. My house is 50 square meters and after 5 hours of work it is cool enough to sit inside in this heat. An advice for those who want to buy is that the service does not come and install, you cannot mount the exhaust pipe at a distance of 1.60 cm from the window and door. I solved the problem a bit by adding a suction line. Other than the ugly image, no problems. O**** C****

👤 Beautiful except for the voice work. ADVERTISEMENT*****

👤 I recommend it very useful. H*** F****

👤 Very good cooling reasonable price great fast delivery. ***** ****

👤 It takes a long time to cool down the room and makes a lot of noise. In addition, it has a huge impact on the electricity bill. Furthermore, there are no problems with shipping and seller. NO****

👤 It’s going pretty well so far. As I expected. **** *****

👤 Product cooling is nice but very noisy. A G ***

👤 I like it, it immediately shows its effect when I put it in a small room. I advise. HUSBAND*****

Which brand is Airfel?

Founded in 1978, Airfel was acquired by the Daikin brand in 2011 and has made significant strides in the air conditioning industry. For example, Daikin Turkey has grown into the brand with the widest product range in our country in heating and cooling systems.

What is the fault detection and protection function in the air conditioner?

The fault detection and protection function in the air conditioner is the code that the product presents regarding the possible fault. Thanks to this code, the service can also see what the malfunction is without looking at the product.

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