Akita Inu Pedigree Dog | Features and care

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the fascinating world of Akita Inu dogs. Akita Inular are powerful and graceful dogs originating from Japan. They are known for their unique looks, loyal natures and intelligent personalities. In this article you will find important information about Akita Inus characteristics, training, care and more. Get ready as we step into the exciting world of Akita Inu dogs!

Characteristics of Akita Inu

Akita Inu is a dog breed that attracts attention with its fascinating and unique features. This breed is a strong and good-natured dog that originated in Japan. Here is more information about the characteristics of the Akita Inu:

Physical appearance

The Akita Inu is medium or large in size, strong and muscular. It is known for its large head, erect triangular ears and curved tail. Their feathers are thick and double layered. There are two different types of feathers, long-haired and short-haired. Colors include red, white, brindle, and various patterns.


The character of Akita Inunu is loyal, courageous and independent. It is confident and protective, so it is known as a good watchdog. It also has a calm and balanced character. Akita Inular is generally quiet, doesn’t bark much, but has a strong voice when needed.

Intelligence and trainability

Akita Inular are intelligent dogs, but they can be difficult to train at times as they have an independent nature. Early socialization and basic training with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are important. Good leadership and setting boundaries lead to better control of the Akita Inu.

Socialization and relationship with people

Akita Inular can be protective and somewhat aloof by nature. Early socialization is important to introduce them to different people, children and other animals. They can form strong bonds with their owners, but may be more wary of strangers. With a proper socialization process, Akita Inular can become loyal and lovingly attached to the people they love.

Activity level

The Akita Inular has an average energy level. Daily exercise needs should be met through regular walking and active play. They also need mental stimulation. Brain teasers, learning tasks and puzzles can help meet the Akita Inu’s needs for mental stimulation and engagement.

Family life

Akita Inular are generally suitable for single owner families. Be careful when dealing with children and children should be trained to approach the dog. Akita Inular usually get along well if socialized and introduced to other pets from a young age. However, some individuals can be dominant, especially towards other dogs.

Akita Inu training

Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is an intelligent and independent breed of dog, so their training can be challenging at times. However, with the right approach, patience and consistency, Akita Inunu training is possible. Here are some key points for training Akita Inu:

1. Newst early

It is important to start training the Akita Inu as early as possible. Childhood is a critical period when basic obedience commands are learned and socialization takes place. Newsting with basic commands, potty training, and social skills as a puppy will make for a more positive training experience.

2. Make positive reinforcements

Using positive reinforcements in Akita Inu training is effective. That is, an incentive such as praise, a reward, or a favorite toy is given when the dog exhibits the desired behavior. Being a stubborn breed, it should not be trained through coercion or punishment. This can shake the dog’s confidence and result in negative behavior.

3. Develop leadership skills

Akita Inular are dogs that need strong leadership. Owners must assume the role of a determined and consistent leader. The dog’s boundaries and expectations should be clearly defined. When good leadership is provided, Akita Inular is better led and obedient.

4. Let him socialize

The early socialization process of Akita Inus is very important. They need to be introduced to a variety of people, children, other dogs and animals. This helps the dog develop social skills and get comfortable with new situations. It can be helpful to take your dog to puppy schools, social outings, or dog parks as a puppy.

5. Show patience

Training the Akita Inu takes time and effort. It is important to work patiently and consistently. They can be stubborn, so it may take them a while to learn targeted behaviors. Short and effective training sessions every day keep the dog’s attention and motivation high.

6. Get professional help

Training the Akita Inu can be challenging and in some cases professional help may be helpful. With the support of a dog trainer or behavior specialist, you can learn the right training methods and optimally develop your dog’s potential.

Akita Inu dog grooming

Akita Inu

Akita Inu dogs need proper care to live a healthy life and be happy. The special physical characteristics and coat texture of these dogs require certain grooming needs. Here are some key points about Akita Inu dog care:

Feather Care

Akita Inular has a thick double-layered coat. That is why regular hair care is important. Their feathers should be combed weekly. More frequent combing may be necessary, especially during shedding periods. This helps control fallout and keep hair healthy. It should also be washed regularly to keep the hair shiny and clean.

Dental and mouth care

Dental and oral health is important for overall health. Akita Inu’s teeth need to be brushed regularly. This prevents the formation of plaque and tartar and prevents gum disease. It’s also important to develop a healthy chewing habit with toys that are appropriate for your dog to chew on.

Ear and eye care

Akita Inu’s ears and eyes should be checked regularly. Ears should be kept clean and free of infection. In case of redness, discharge or irritation in the eyes, it is important to consult a veterinarian. Regular cleaning of the eyes and ears reduces the risk of infection.

Power supply

It is important that the Akita Inu gets a healthy diet. Choose a high quality balanced dog food that is appropriate for age, activity level and health condition. Meal portions should be controlled and overfeeding avoided to prevent obesity. Also, make sure that clean, fresh water is always within reach of the dog.

Can the Akita Inu dog be kept at home?

Akita Inu

Although the Akita Inu is a large and powerful dog breed, it is considered a domestic dog. However, given the needs and characteristics of the Akita Inu, there are some important factors to keep at home. Here are some points to keep in mind when keeping an Akita Inu dog at home:

Physical activity and space

The Akita Inular has a medium to high energy level. That is why a large space and garden are important to give your dog sufficient exercise. You must provide enough space to allow for sufficient exercise in the home.

Exercise needs

Akita Inular needs regular daily exercise. Long walks, runs and play sessions will help energize your dog. If you’re considering keeping a pet at home, it’s important to make a plan that includes taking your dog outside and getting regular exercise.

Education and socialization

Akita Inular are intelligent dogs and can become a good obedient dog with proper training. However, early socialization and basic training are paramount for a pet Akita Inu. It takes time and effort to develop your dog’s social skills and prevent unwanted behavior.

Feather Care

Akita Inular has a thick and double-layered coat. They can experience intense molting during molting periods. That’s why it’s important to follow regular grooming and combing routines when breeding at home. Brushing their coat regularly is essential to control shedding and maintain a healthy coat.

Social needs

Although the Akita Inular is not a social dog breed, it still needs a strong bond with its owner. When you’re petting, it’s important to set up an arrangement where your dog can spend the most time with you. You should take the time to interact with your dog and minimize the time you leave your dog alone.

How Big Do Akita Inu Dogs Get?

Akita Inu dogs can have a shoulder height of between 66 and 71 cm in males and between 61 and 66 cm in females. Their weight can vary between 38 and 58 kg in males and 32 to 45 kg in females.

What kind of personality does the Akita Inular have?

Akita Inular are strong, brave and loyal dogs. They also have a confident, independent and protective nature. Akita Inular can be generally calm and quiet, but they are extremely affectionate and devoted to their owners.

Does Akita Inular get along well with children?

Akita Inular generally get along well with children. However, it is important that they are socialized from a young age. Care should be taken in their interactions with children and they should be supervised at all times. Given the large size and strength of the Akita Inu, care should be taken when handling young children and precautions should be taken to avoid any side effects.

How to train Akita Inular

Akita Inular are intelligent dogs, but they also have a mind of their own. That’s why it’s important to train them with patience, consistency, and positive methods. Early socialization and basic obedience training are essential to ensure they are adaptable and well-behaved dogs. However, Akita Inu training can be challenging, so seeking professional help can also be helpful.

How to care for Akita Inus?

Akita Inular has a thick and double-layered coat. They can experience intense molting during molting periods. That is why regular trimming and combing is important. Brushing their coat regularly is essential to control shedding and maintain a healthy coat. It can also be helpful to comb more often, especially during shedding periods.

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