All about North Korea; Meaning of the North Korean Flag, What is the North Korean Capital? What is the time difference, what is the currency?

The United States and the USSR replaced the Japanese in 1945, dividing the peninsula into the American south and the Soviet north. For most of its short history, North Korea was considered a Soviet satellite state. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, North Korea’s unique socialism came to the fore in the post-Cold War world.

All about North Korea

North Korea shares a military border with China and Russia to the north and South Korea to the south. The total area is 46,540 square miles (120,540 square kilometers), land borders are 1,037 miles (1,673 kilometers) and 1,547 miles (2,495 kilometers) of coastline. It is divided into 14 percent arable land, 2 percent permanently cultivated land, and 61 percent woodland and woodland. The terrain of the country is largely covered with hills and mountains. The highest point is Mount Paektu, which is 2,744 meters high.

In July 1998, North Korea had a population of 21,234,387, with a sex ratio between birth and 15 years of 1.05 males per female. The total fertility rate was measured in 1.6 children born per woman, although the population growth rate was -0.03 percent, probably due to the high infant mortality rate. The population is more or less homogeneous Korean, with a small Chinese community in the north and a few hundred people.

Technically, North Korea uses the same Korean language spoken in South Korea. However, more than half a century of cultural and socio-political splits have pushed the languages ​​on the peninsula very far apart, at least in terms of semantics, if not syntax. When faced with the task of building a new national culture, North Korea faced a serious problem of illiteracy.

With the exception of perhaps ten cities in all, large parts of North Korea are rural. Although the government officially claims that North Korea is a classless society that abolishes the remnants of feudalism, capitalism introduces privileges. The most senior figures in North Korea are the family and relatives of Kim Il Sung, then former comrades and families called revolutionary fighters who express their participation in the anti-Japanese armed resistance. The vast majority of North Koreans are ordinary citizens divided into ranks and subgroups based on their family history and revolutionary or non-revolutionary ancestry.

The North Korean government consists of a presidency, a central government divided into several departments and local governments. For example, the equivalent of the United States Congress is the People’s Congress. The Supreme People’s Assembly enacts laws that are implemented by local people’s committees, which are organized from above according to the administrative units of the province, district, county, agricultural collectives and cooperatives. The offices of the People’s Congress and its committees are based on elections held every five years.

Meaning of the Flag of North Korea

The flag of North Korea consists of the colors red, blue and white. The top and bottom edges of the flag are thin blue lines parallel to the thinner white lines, leaving the large central area red. To the left is a white disc with a red five-pointed star. The red star is the symbol of communism. Red represents patriotism, blue represents independence and white represents cultural integrity.

Capital of North Korea

The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang.

Currency of North Korea

The North Korean currency is the North Korean Won.

Time difference between North Korea and Turkey

The time in Turkey is 6 hours later than in North Korea. If the clock in North Korea shows 2:00 AM, it means 8:00 PM in Turkey.

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