Alleged ‘data breach’ in e-government: statement from the Presidential Office for Digital Transformation – Last Minute Turkey News

The Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office reported that no data breaches were found in the e-Government Gateway infrastructure during the detailed checks.

The statement from the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office stated that the allegations that e-Government Gate users’ credentials were leaked yesterday do not reflect the truth.

In the statement, “No data breaches were found in the e-Government Gateway infrastructure during the detailed checks.” it was said.

The statement, which stated that no user password information is stored in clear text in the e-Government Gateway infrastructure, stated that only strong cryptographic algorithms for passwords and irreversible summary information were compared to log into the system.

The statement stated that it was clear that the data that formed the basis of the allegations had been obtained from the users’ own devices as a result of phishing and malware attacks against a small number of users by cyber-attackers:

“Previously, disinformation investigations related to the security of e-Government Gateway have been conducted with similar claims, and it has been determined that the above events are not related to the infrastructure of the e-Government Gateway. The e-Government Gateway is operated in compliance with international standards of information security and business continuity management, and the security of the services provided is provided by independent security organizations.It is regularly tested.Users whose account security is found to be at risk due to attacks on individual devices will be notified through the e-Government Gateway and security processes have been implemented.”


The measures that can be taken for the individual, who is the main subject of cybersecurity, are the basis of national cybersecurity. It provides an extra layer of security to the e-government password used by our citizens in Turkey. Our citizens can protect their e-Government Gateway accounts against individual password theft by activating the ‘Two-Stage Login’ feature in their e-Government Gateway login process. evaluation has been made.

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