Altus AL 16A Pedestal Fan Features and Notes

Altus AL 16A provides a cooling effect on hot summer days and stands out for its modern design and powerful performance. Altus AL 16A, one of the best fan models, gets full marks from its users with its adjustable speed options. This product, which stands out for its many user-friendly features, also offers comfort through its silence. This fan works with a power of 55 watts and is criticized by its users for its weight.

This content, which we have prepared for those who are considering purchasing the Altus AL 16A Fan model, contains all the details that are curious about the product. When you’re ready, let’s take a closer look at the Altus AL16A fan.

Altus AL 16A Features

Type paid
power 50W
Controlling type Manually
Propeller 5-armed
Number of levels 3
Type without steam

Altus AL 16A Pedestal Fan Review

Altus AL 16 A offers ease of use with its user-friendly features and helps you easily control the level of ventilation you want, thanks to its adjustable speed options. In addition, the Altus AL 16A, which provides an environment far away from disturbing noises with its silent operation, thus provides a peaceful atmosphere to cool down in your home or office. This product, appreciated for its adjustable legs, is complained by many users because of its weight. With the Altus AL 16A, which has 3 different speed levels, you can set a time up to 2 hours. This fan, which has an oscillating function, can move in 2 directions.

Here is detailed information about Altus AL 16A…

Altus AL 16A fan design

Altus AL 16A pedestal fan

With a compact and robust design, the Altus AL 16A can be used safely without tipping over thanks to its stable stand. This fan, which offers equal cooling everywhere thanks to its 2-way swing function, offers comfortable use thanks to its adjustable legs with the highest position of 135 cm. Altus AL 16A, which allows you to manually adjust the fan head up and down, is available in black and pink. The product, which helps you to easily adjust the speed setting thanks to the buttons on it, attracts attention with its 40 cm diameter.

Altus AL 16A fan performance

Altus AL 16A pedestal fan

Altus AL 16A works at 50 watts and has 3 different speed settings. This fan, which cools the environment in a short time and at the same time consumes less energy, offers comfortable use even while sleeping thanks to its quiet operation. This fan, which has a strong performance thanks to the 5-armed propeller, is sufficient for offices and workplaces.

Altus AL 16A Speed ​​level

Altus AL 16A, which gives you the freedom to provide the level of ventilation you want by offering three different speed levels, offers an uninterrupted sleeping experience even at night with its vibration-free and silent operation mode. An ideal choice for creating a peaceful environment in any room of your home or office, Altus AL 16A easily cools the environment even at the lowest speed level. In addition, this fan, which can run continuously for 2 hours at the desired position thanks to the time setting, has a rotation angle of 85 degrees.

Altus AL 16A oscillation function

Altus AL 16A pedestal fan

Altus AL 16 A has an adjustable head mechanism that offers flexibility. This way you direct the fan in the desired direction and direct the airflow at a specific point. So you get maximum comfort by blowing cool air directly on you. In addition, this fan, which provides a cooling effect through homogeneous air distribution over a large area with its automatic swing function, offers ease of use with its 2 different swing aspects.

Altus AL 16A material quality

Altus AL 16 A has a solid and durable structure and offers safe use thanks to its metal mesh material. Altus AL 16 A, where metal and high-quality plastic meet, offers long-lasting use. This fan, which is safe to use as its metal parts are resistant to rust, arouses user satisfaction with its resistance to shocks.

Altus AL 16A Pedestal Fan Installation

Altus AL 16A pedestal fan

The Altus AL 16 A, which you can install yourself without the need for service, is delivered in a box with completely separate parts. This product, where you can find all the necessary parts for installation in the box, comes in 5 different parts. This product, which you need to screw together according to the information in the user manual, is ready when it is connected after the installation is completed.

Altus AL 16A user reviews

👤 S**** A**** I like the product. easy to assemble, aesthetically beautiful, the fuchsia buttons are pretty cute 🙂 it’s not loud, it’s strong cooling. It is a quality product, I recommend it. I also buy products by reading the comments posted here and I usually do not regret it, thank you very much to everyone who wrote.

👤 S**** T**** Friends, I say close your eyes, I really like it, it deserves its money. Since the lower platform is heavy, there is absolutely no wobble, the timing adjustment, propeller rotation and propeller tilt are truly spectacular. The only problem is that the propeller goes up when the head is moved down, and the solution is to slightly tighten the screw on the side, and it will stay where you put it, the head will not go up. The quality of the material is really excellent, and the seller is really excellent. The shipping company brought it very successfully. There was not the slightest tear in the box of the product. I really recommend it, I don’t write reviews easily, but the quality of the product and the seller are really successful.

👤 M**** K**** I really liked the product. I was in doubt about how the plastic would be, looks good quality. It’s on the show. Since I have only tried the product, I cannot comment on its performance, but I loved the breeze according to the levels. Installation is very simple. But if I had known it would come with MNG cargo, I wouldn’t have opted for it. To date, my package has only arrived on time once. I struggle every time. This failure has nothing to do with the pandemic process, it has always been like this. It stayed on the branch for 9 days and when temperatures rose we had to buy it ourselves. I wish we could see what carrier it might come with.

👤 Y*** C**** The cargo arrived quickly and intact. We can call it f/p product. It is quite quiet compared to its alternatives. Of course, don’t have too high expectations. After all, the propeller is spinning. No annoying sound comes out. It doesn’t take up too much space. We are satisfied for now.

👤 A**** Y****Quality flows. Look no further than this model. Children’s fingers, whose metal grille is often laid, do not enter easily. Tier 1 is quiet like sometimes it doesn’t work.

👤 T**** Ü**** The product is as in the picture… The company has not forgotten any device… It is very beautiful…. Thank you.

👤 A**** S**** The product is fine, I just installed it, I don’t know about the long usage part, but my first impression is very simple with the installation guide in a positive way, I reached maximum 30 minutes , I was hesitant because of the negative comments, but the technological lucky work came to me without any problems, try your luck. send it back 🙂

👤 Ç**** D***** A very nice product, nice quality, we have it for two days now. The wind is strong. There’s just one thing I don’t like. When the time is up you have to turn the knob again to make it work again, I didn’t like it that much.

👤 T***** G**** The product looks very high quality. The foot does not swing when working too wide. We liked it very much, there is already an Arçelik guarantee.

👤 M**** S***** The product works very quietly and the material quality is good. It’s nice to have a timer. I would recommend.

👤 M**** T*** The product was shipped on time and quickly. The cargo was intact. It is easy to install and the plastic parts are of very high quality. The reason I bought this product is that it is covered by Arçelik’s warranty. I think the product is a price-performance product. Its cooling is fine. There is a small problem with the product. Maybe it’s the setup. When the fan is running, the main body knocks from time to time. I didn’t mind him that much. Thanks to the seller. I would recommend.

Does the Altus AL 16A pedestal fan have an oscillating function?

Yes, the Altus AL 16A fan has an oscillating function. The 2-way oscillating fan spreads the coolness evenly throughout the room.

What does the Altus AL 16A timer function do?

The timer function of the Altus AL 16A ventilator offers the possibility to work for 2 hours at the desired speed.

How to install Altus AL 16A?

You do not need to bring a service with you for the Altus AL 16A installation. You can easily install based on the information in the user manual that comes out of the box. You can use the Altus AL 16A fan, which comes in 5 parts, by plugging it in after you have assembled all the parts.

What is the height of the Altus AL 16A?

Altus AL 16A, which can have a maximum height of 135 cm, offers the possibility to use at the desired height thanks to its adjustable legs.

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