Altus AL 81 IC Dryer Review

Altus AL 81 IC tumble dryer is designed to help you dry your laundry. The machine, which saves energy by using condensing heat pump technology in the drying process, also manages to score full points with its users in terms of annual energy consumption. In this content, we have explored the features, performance and user comments of the Altus AL 81 IC Dryer for you.

Altus AL 81 IC functions

Capacity 8kg
Weight 40.5 kg
Number of programs 15
Remote control No

Altus AL 81 IC Dryer

Altus AL 81 IC reveals its functionality thanks to its advanced technological design that allows you to save time, space and energy. However, it manages to satisfy all its users with multiple program options, a drum cartridge that dries your laundry without hurting them, and time delay functions.

Here are all the details about the Altus AL 81 IC dryer;

Altus AL 81 IC Design

Altus AL 81 IC dryer, which is very easy to use with its PLX LED / 7Seg type display, gives you flexibility during operation due to the time delay between 0-24 hours. This machine, which also has useful and safe functions such as the water tank full indicator (LED), condenser cleaning warning (LED) and filter cleaning warning, with its white color and black lid, offers a minimal appearance and does not fail to bring modern lines to your house.

Altus AL 81 IC Capacity

The Altus AL 81 IC dryer dries all the laundry of a large family in one go thanks to its 8-kilogram capacity. The device, which stands out for its Aquawave drum pattern, ensures that your laundry is protected against creases and thus shortens the ironing time.

Altus AL 81 IC security

Delay indicator There is
Remaining time display There is
child lock There is

The Altus AL 81 IC dryer satisfies its users in terms of safety with its time delay indicator and allows you to plan your work and not waste energy thanks to the remaining time indicator. In addition, the child lock ensures safety by preventing the little ones in the house from reaching the machine. Altus AL 81 IC is distinguished by its economic structure and offers both safe and functional use to its users.

Altus AL 81 IC Dimensions and weight

Height 84.6cm
Width 59.7cm
Depth 53.6cm
Weight 40.5 kg

The Altus AL 81 IC tumble dryer is 53.6 cm deep, 59.7 cm wide and 84.6 cm high. The product, which stands out for its ideal and compact dimensions, is also very handy with its weight of 40.5 kg. In this way it achieves both a large drying capacity and a large space saving.

Altus AL 81 IC Technical specifications

  • Capacity of 8 kilograms
  • Energy class A++
  • 15 program options
  • 236 kWh energy consumption
  • Aquawave drum cartridge
  • Anti-wrinkle function
  • child lock
  • delay

Altus AL 81 IC Power consumption

Annual energy consumption 236 kWh
Energy efficiency class A++
Immediate evacuation There is

With an energy class of A++, this Altus AL 81 IC is a very economical option with an annual energy consumption of 236 kWh. Equipped with a direct drain function, the dryer allows you to save time by avoiding the hassle of draining the water. Thus, it manages to contribute to both your budget and the environment.

Altus AL 81 IC Programs and Usage

With 15 different programs you can dry your laundry according to type, Altus AL 81 IC offers both an environmentally friendly and sensitive drying experience with its Eco Sense control. This machine, where you can do the drying process simply by placing your laundry in the top tank, also helps you extend the life of your laundry by drying it in the most accurate way. In addition, the remaining time indicator makes it easier to monitor the status of the machine and to make a planning.

Altus AL 81 IC

Altus AL 81 IC User Reviews

👤 *** ***: A complete f/p product. We are very satisfied. My wife thanked me very much for the convenience I have added to her life. Every step that will save him from trouble is a source of happiness for me. No more laundry traffic. The laundry coming out of the machine doesn’t wait in line to dry on the balcony. On winter days, that laundry doesn’t dry for hours. When it rains, wait as long as you don’t notice the rain. When you notice it, you run to collect it. In winter, the lady will no longer be cold on the balconies.

👤 *** ***: The product is a stylish and beautiful machine that works quietly, is easy to use and makes the laundry look like new. We are very satisfied, I recommend it to everyone, you can buy it without thinking. As they say, the machine has energy class A++ and interior lighting of the drum, it is a heat pump.

👤 *** ***: We had the first experience with my 20 month old son’s athletes. The result is there. Again we realized we were too late.

👤 *** ***: I understand it is a must for any cat home. We have 2 cats, no matter how much I combed, there was hair, our problem decreased significantly. I had a dust allergy and I was relieved about that. I sneezed every time I folded laundry or changed the bedding. Glad I got it, I’m very happy.

👤 *** ***: I think there is no need to spend a lot of money on branded products. The product is quite adequate and useful with all its features.

👤 *** ***: Don’t spend too much money on other brands. It does the same job with the same energy consumption. It dries 7 kg of wet laundry, which has been spun in 800 cycles, in an average of 90-120 minutes. Nice enough I guess.

👤 *** ***: The product is not bad, but I am not satisfied. It was a bit subpar. I returned.

👤 *** ***: We are not satisfied with the product at all, the performance in the first month is gone. I don’t recommend it.

Editor’s Comments

Altus AL 81 IC

The Altus AL 81 IC dryer is a high-performance option that dries all types of fabrics quickly and effectively. Satisfying its users in terms of price and performance, this dryer provides significant savings on energy bills with an energy-efficient mode of operation. Thanks to its large capacity, it offers the possibility to dry all your laundry washed in large washing machines in one go.

The digital display of the machine, which is very easy to use and easy to use, shows you how long the drying process takes and the time remaining. In addition, the touch keys make it easy to set up and monitor.

One of the biggest advantages of this tumble dryer is its silent operation. For those who are bored with noisy dryers, Altus AL 81 IC offers quiet operation and creates a comfortable environment in your home.

Finally, the Altus AL 81 IC dryer is durable and long lasting. Thanks to the sturdy structure and high-quality materials, you can use it for years without any problems.

Considering all these advantages, we can say that Altus AL 81 IC dryer is an ideal product that you can choose.

In this section we answer the questions about the Altus AL 81 IC dryer.

Altus AL 81 IC What is the capacity of the dryer?

The capacity of Altus AL 81 IC dryer is 8 kg. This capacity is sufficient to dry all the laundry of a large family in one go.

Which clothes does the Altus AL 81 IC dry?

The Altus AL 81 IC dryer can dry almost any item of clothing. Do not dry only clothes that are waterproof or require special care.

What is the energy consumption of the Altus AL 81 IC?

Altus AL 81 IC dryer consumes only 236 kWh of energy per year. The device, which manages to leave its competitors behind with its low energy consumption, also satisfies its users in terms of energy savings with its energy class A++.

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