Always consume ice cream with water.

Undoubtedly, ice is most preferred for cooling in certain hot weather. When consumed properly, ice cream does not cause any health problems. But if not consumed properly, people with low immunity can also get strep throat.

What should we do to avoid getting sick in the summer?

Ice cream contains important substances for the body such as milk, fat, sugar, protein and calcium, it is indispensable for children in the summer. It is a healthy food source for people who like sweets. It is also a source of antioxidants with its fruity varieties made from natural fruits. Those who are allergic to cow’s milk can eat goat’s milk ice cream.

How should we consume? Consuming ice with water reduces the frequency of throat infections. In addition, ice cream should not be consumed immediately after it has been removed from the packaging.

Waiting a little while is good for the stomach and intestines. Again, eating small pieces and melting in the throat reduces the chance of strep throat. What should we pay attention to? Excessive consumption of ice cream can cause problems for people with weight problems. It is healthier to consume on a full stomach. Do not consume with cold water! Mouthwash should be washed to protect our teeth after eating ice cream. Does laryngitis only occur after consuming ice cream? No. People with nasal congestion breathe through their mouths all night long. Mouth breathing increases strep throat by causing dry throat, tooth decay and a foul taste in the mouth. People with weak immune systems also have constant throat infections. People with sleep apnea and snoring are more likely to get sick due to nocturnal sleep obstruction. Smokers and people with a lot of postnasal drip get sick more often. Repetitive though

What Causes Throat Infections?

Mouth breathing (mouth breathing) is one of the most common causes, nasal congestion, weak immune system, smoking, antibiotic resistance, extreme fatigue and insomnia, stress, drinking too much cold and hot food, postnasal discharge, adenoid and nasal allergy. . What is the solution for recurring throat infections? In the case of more than 4-5 laryngitis in a year, the option of surgery for adults and children comes into play. If left untreated, strep throat can damage the heart, kidneys, and joints.

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