American scientists explained for the first time: this food makes the brain 30 years younger

A study conducted in the US found that the antioxidant components of flavonoids found in cocoa and similar foods improve memory functions in the brain and reduce age-related mental decline.​​

According to Tech Explorist news, research at Columbia University is focusing on the relationship between flavonoid consumption and memory.

In the study, 3,500 subjects received a flavonoid pill of 500 milligrams per day or a placebo for 3 years.

In the study, the flavonoid (flavan-3-ol) component, which gives color to plants and fruits, was observed to improve the vocabulary and thinking speed of the subjects who received 500 milligrams daily as a supplement.

While the study found that the dietary supplement improved memory functions in subjects already deficient in flavonoids, it argued that the mental strain in question should not be confused with Alzheimer’s disease and that the study focused on age-related decline.

Flavonoids are known to be found in many fruits and vegetables, including green tea, green leafy vegetables, black currants, onions, apples, cherries, peaches, lemons, grapes, and citrus fruits.

One of the study’s authors, Prof. Adam M. Brickman, “Noted mental improvement was observed in participants with low flavonoid levels in their bodies, while flavonoid-rich diets improved cognitive functions in older people.” made the statement.

The other author, Scott A. Small, pointed out that the way to protect aging minds in this century of increasing life expectancy is through different foods, and said their research could provide a model for new studies.

The research, co-led by Columbia University and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, is published in the journal PNAS.

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