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The mobile application, developed by application engineer Umut Kuzucanlı, will make the planting of saplings sustainable and allow users to socialize.

The United Nations (UN) declared June 17 as “World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought” with its 1994 resolution, to raise awareness against the threat of drought and desertification and to draw attention to the fight against these threats .

Increasing afforestation is one of the most important methods of combating desertification and drought. According to the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, which is produced every 5 years by the FAO, in 2015 Turkey rose to 27th place from 2020, while it was ranked 46th among the countries that increased its forest wealth. The report ranked Turkey first in Europe and sixth in the world in the ranking of countries with the most forest cover.

While the sapling planting and distribution programs organized by the relevant institutions and organizations to increase the existence of forests are important, individual efforts also contribute to this goal.

Kuzucanlı explained that they started in 2021 with the idea of ​​making the sapling planting process more effective, and said that they combined environmental activities with innovation and presented it to users.

Kuzucanlı noted that the Tree application differs from similar applications in some ways and said, “In other planting applications, the user can plant saplings, but it is not very sustainable. We have a difference in sustainability. The fact that users can see the statistics seeing allows them to really take ownership of the sapling they planted, but also creates a sapling friendship.” used the sentences.

Kuzucanlı shared the following information about using the application:

“The user opens the application and registers. After registering, a very simple, minimal screen appears. Here, he selects the areas that can be planted on the map by pressing the ‘plant saplings’ button on the main screen. By scrolling over the scrolling the map, he will be able to see the appropriate areas, and by clicking on it, he can enlarge the map and plant something similar Those next to it, that is, the social part The last sapling planted by the user and the owners of the other saplings next to it will appear on the map and when users hover over them they can learn their social media addresses if they have given permission.The third stage is about the status of the saplings here the user can get the benefit of the young tree for the nature and current situation. Let’s say he can see on the screen how big was the sapling he planted when he was three months old.”

Kuzucanlı noted that the application is free to download and stated that in addition to the sapling price, they will receive a commission for users to take advantage of the services offered by the application.

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Kuzucanlı stated that the socialization service, the provision of environmental impact statistics, and the transfer of sapling planting activities to the mobile application by adapting to technology are the main advantages of the application. Kuzucanlı stated that they do not have a sapling planting area for those who do not yet have their own and that they have discussed this with the municipalities.

Kuzucanlı said, “When you plant a sapling, you don’t realize how much benefit you have. The user planted a sapling, but he doesn’t know what happened next. It doesn’t appeal to him either. Here we say, ‘Look, you have planted this sapling, you have reduced your ecological footprint so much that you have released the same amount of oxygen, you are CO2 neutral if you plant that much more.’ By providing this kind of data, we actually integrate the user into the climate issue.” he said.

Referring to their goal of getting the first sapling on the ground in 2024 and planting 100,000 saplings by the end of the same year if they receive an investment by the end of this year, Kuzucanlı said they plan to plant every 6 organize a sapling planting event every year. months after the application is launched, and that users who come together with nature through these activities will have their own. He underlined that he will plant the saplings himself.

Kuzucanlı stressed that there are about 10 similar applications in the world and they are mostly used for tree planting in Africa, saying: “After the application is up and running, we aim to plant the first saplings in Istanbul and the surrounding regions and rapidly expanding to all of Turkey.” He’s ready.

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